Rejoicing with clarity instead of shedding tears of fear!

I wish I had kept a track of my thoughts, I’d be rejoicing with clarity instead of shedding tears of fear! Another challenge walked my way and I broke down, not a sign of a princess in charge of her feelings and yet, behind the physical breaking down a voice was singing from my head “silly girl, another prayer answered, celebrate it”. Didn’t make sense, till I rummaged through the many thoughts I’ve had for the last 3 months, my prayers have been about renewal and road signs.

The funny part, I knew this was coming and yet, I chose to react in the moment and I am continuing to react to the moment. Still waiting for my inner knowing to take the reigns and say “forward march”. I saw April as a month of new beginnings, which means, really, that some of the OLDER thoughts would find expression and life would accelerate forward and bring me to a brand new tomorrow filled with the light, meant to shine outward and fill the world with more Gratitude. Gratitude, I recognise, as my purpose for being created.

Setbacks, only set me back by a step and this step back, is a great moment to take stock of my vision. This revisiting of vision is a gift of Gratitude really, can’t take much credit. I’ve been asking for action and rightly receiving it, filled with perspective ray of bliss. It is horrible on the outside, when you suddenly realise, that all that you’ve been worrying about is becoming a reality. Then again, you were being alerted, so you can plan in accordance to that knowing.

I have always been of the thought that the energy that surrounds a project is the power that propels it forward. Even though I do believe and have asked for the energy to be cleansed, what I hadn’t realised till last evening, is that the cleansing would include the “illusional” comfort zone of my team. They have not contributed and I felt for many months, that there was a weight I was carrying around, waiting for them to mature and grow into personal brands. I chose them, with the intent of giving them the opportunity to create something of their own, grow into individual personalities created with a brand platform. Guess, I made the mistake of having confidence in them, so much so, that I broke down my dreams to include them and their wants and needs. God knows I haven’t given them more than what they gave me.

The knowing that you have shoulders and arms, makes a human difference. The complication comes when these shoulders and arms move when helped! It is a sorry situation for both the body and the mind. It is a breakdown moment when these shoulders and arms suddenly decide they’ve done their bit… for the first few hours, all you can feel is HELPLESS, till you remember that these shoulders and arms were always ATTACHED to you, not your own. That is when you realise, you have arms too and shoulders strong enough and yes, attached to your own physical mind and body and that you stopped using them, instead you made them props for the purpose!

Gratitude, then fills your arms back with the POWER it gave up while allowing these shoulders and arms to move with a little help. It is true, that every shoulder and arm is born with its own destiny, sometimes, for the self and other times for the rest of the world. YOU have to make a choice and begin again, using your own Shoulders and Arms to help yourself!

Bringing the celebration back home, its fun to remember that being born PERFECT WHOLE AND COMPLETE is a gift we give of ourselves to ourselves. No matter how important another human being becomes, they will always be extensions with their own purpose to fulfill. In understanding that, you’ll make a wiser decision, to depend on your inner sight to lead your path.

Think now, how many people do you have in your life right now, that are your comfort zone? How many parts of you have you loaned? Which thought is controlling your steps? Let your thoughts deliver unto you the action you must take… they’re ahead of you in the infinite invisible, forever creating your reality.

Check your thoughts, they’re the GPS you should follow through with!!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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