10 things you must do on your birthday!!

Birthdays are special days of our lives it begins the process of another 365 days of being alive! Quite a celebration it should be, most of us though, busy bogged down by details, here’s a personal guide to making your birthday count and account for the best YOU experience of your life!

Personally, my birthday has been the trailer to my year ahead, often, clues come in bundles and I get a trippy feeling about how my year will pan out. This realisation also comes with observing my birthday and the year that follows… for many years now. It’s a funny truth, but a truth all the same… when your birthday is a low energy, low confidence day or you treat yourself like it is ANY OTHER DAY you land up inviting yourself to an “any other year” experience of a mixed bag of emotions.

so, here are some Happy Triggers to create a brand new year of YOU!!

1) It is absolutely awesome to be in a flow of gratitude on your birthday! Be grateful for the things that didn’t happen and thank for things that did! MAKE A LIST OF WISHES for yourself begin each sentence with “I allow myself the joy of ______________________ this year and always”  It is fascinating how powerfully positive you begin to feel.

2) Your birthday is ABOUT YOU, so plan a day filled with personal pleasures… do ONLY THAT which makes you FEEL GOOD about yourself. It is a wonderful practice, to write yourself a letter on your birthday! It is self appraisal and thought sharing between the YOU you are and the YOU, you want to BE! In this process, what you’re doing is clearly communicating with yourself, be honest about how you feel, allow yourself the pleasure of letting your own thoughts find expression

3) It is a phenomenal experience, when you make CHOICES on your birthday! choose the flavour of cake you’d like to cut! The people who you’d like to celebrate it with. The choices you make today, will reflect your year to be! Make them, with YOU, in focus. What you DESIRE today IS ALL THAT MATTERS! Most often, we allow family and friends to plan our day and plan our parties and plan who is to be invited. I’ve recognised, that family then controls most of your year… telling you what to do and how to feel. We don’t even realise, when we had given them the permission to make choices for us… well, surprise, it was “the birthday”! Family, gets to shape our birthday’s when we’re born till we are old enough to make our own decisions… and that should be it!

4) Getting “spa time” is celebrating yourself… have a foot massage or get yourself a special package treatment. Pamper your body let your body feel special… it makes such a difference! Your body, hangs out with you all the time. Braving through stress, anxiety, tears and laughter… it deserves to be celebrated!! So GO… do just that!!

5) Get an HOUR of PRAYER time or Meditation! Prayer time is beautiful, it helps you re-group with your SOUL GROUP! It is wonderful, when you are led in prayer and through prayer into a deeper experience of GOD within yourself. It is wonderful to acknowledge the presence of the “infinite invisible” and celebrate yourself and the purpose for which you were created!

6) If you have a partner, spouse or children, dedicate a meal you must share with them. Make this a special event, raise a toast of gratitude that they are there and that you’re looking forward to growing and glowing with them. Raise a toast to the challenges that will come your way, knowing, that you have the power of family to cuddle you through them to the next new beginning.

7) Get on the street… follow your heart… you choose ONE ACTION that will fill your day with AWE!! This one action is to remind you of how abundant your life is. You’re alive! You many want to SHOP for something special, you may simply find joy in sharing a meal with a few street urchins. To follow your heart, you’ll have to listen! Personally, I love, taking out little presents and walking on the street… and giving away things… tiny things… still makes me feel abundantly blessed to be able to do so!

8) Make an INTENT for the year!! Intent is a powerful tool of awareness. It draws your attention to the very root of abundance. with intent, you will be able to channel your thoughts in the desired direction without forcing yourself to set a goal. Goals come with checklists for completion, intent is about outcomes, not HOW they come (that’s a personal secret)

9) Oh for the fun things… count the number of people who wish you!! They are your blessings in disguise, they make you stay THANKFUL!! Remember, every time someone wishes you, you reply with Thank You and that helps in raising the vibration of gratitude in your life and for the year to come! The more thankful you are on your birthday, the grander the presence of “thank you” shall be through your year!

10) On your birthday… Don’t lend anyone anything or borrow from anyone! Splurge even if it is the last rupee and you feel like spending it… money must circulate… hoarding is a sign of fear of lack! Sometimes, we are so scared to spend, that we invite scarcity into our reality. Money is your friend, not your enemy… don’t get too possessive about it!

So, now that you’ve got a day packed for yourself, you have a year ahead filled with you and all that means something special. When you know you have set yourself up, for a year of pleasure, that is exactly what you’ll receive!

Happy Birthday to you… if today is your birthday!!


2 thoughts on “10 things you must do on your birthday!!

    • BlessYOU! Thank YOU for stopping by and energising Mystiic 😀 Let me know if there is another “thought” you would like to read about… will be happy to channel a journey in words just for YOU! Godbless

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