Moody Mystiic: Perfection

I chose a different perspective and then the original made common sense! I decided to pick my challenges and found the key to “why” of my procrastination.

Perfection is an art of getting by the details and meeting the vision. Having been taught “perfection” as a child, I’ve waited and waited more for the “perfect timing” for many parts of my life and the way I have begun to understand it, perfection can block your RISKability in many situations. I’ve understood it now and its almost like opening the GOLDEN DOOR of abundance. Perfection is not in the detail it is in the outcome instead. Often misunderstood, we look for perfection in the details and that can be pretty disorienting really. Coming to realise that the details are co-inspired, perfection holds a much higher view.

When you can see an outcome clearly, vividly, details won’t bog you down! I went in for a meeting yesterday, trying my “devil’s best” to think through every possible detail and plan the meeting in my thoughts. When I went into the meeting, I realised, that the people I was meeting were looking for the vision and in sharing the vision, I realised, that all the details simply fell in place, my mind more relaxed and the meeting a success.

We go through life wanting everything to be PERFECT and we struggle everyday to make “perfect sense” of everything. In the end, when the VISION invites you to view it, suddenly, perfect is a state of RE:Mind! Response of the MIND to the vision it is calling you to! Perfection isn’t a TANGIBLE it is INFINITE and evident when you learn to PERFECT YOUR VISION first. The art of visualising the outcome and the effect it has both on your life and the lives of those whom it connects with, is the powerful gift of PERFECTION.

If you have to make a difference in your life, it is a GIVEN that you have to take the FINITE and Re:View it from the INFINTE and that is really PERFECTION!

Take a PROBLEM today and look at the VISION and watch the anxiety of perfection dissolve into infinity!


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