Patience: A Temptation

Patience, a word that has often made its presence felt, so strong and so edgy, like, it is almost provoking action. I wonder if it is really a virtue, maybe, it is TEMPTATION in disguise, drawing us to ACT out feelings.

So, I’ve been observing the times I’ve been TRYING to be patient and here are some of the THOUGHTS that keep me busy:

a) being patient triggers a host of other thoughts, makes you very restless and jumpy.

b) people you speak to during the time you’re called to patience. Reveal to you the need for actions that you know you’re just not going to take.

c) there’s chatter in your head demanding that you do something about it!

d) silence pricks like needles drawing blood, just in this case, it draws more FLAGS to be noticed.

e) it is oh so difficult to THINK straight, you want to meditate. And when you meditate, you attract more distractions.

f) you get drawn pretty easily into other people’s drama moments and then wonder why you made space enough to allow the drama to affect your state of mind.

g) it makes you wonder, if not taking an action is really procrastination or is it really the way it is meant to be!

h) Often, you will find yourself surrounded with people, triggering reactions. Patience, is supposed to be a time of trusting your instincts to deliver answers and open up spaces.

i) intuitively, you feel surrounded by goodness, yet, there is part of you that demands action. It isn’t a very nice feeling to hold on to the muted actions you may take and still know, that the timing of the action is critical.

j) Patience, is the time, when a flurry of questions fill your mind. The silent spaces are filled with thoughts you once claimed you were over with and grown out of!

Patience is a TEST of TRUST! It is during the call to PATIENCE that you are REVEALED!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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