The Princess Diaries : 2nd April 2013

When I began my journey in Gratitude, many years ago, I wasn’t really aware. Now, the beauty of the journey is unfolding and I can only blush with sheer excitement, each time I communicate and life communicates with me.

Recently, a brand new perspective met the Princess in a writing session in gratitude. I am beginning to see how wonderfully, life has woven circumstances and my acknowledgement of gratitude within them. Each significantly life evolving and life altering. There is nothing more powerful than to watch the love of the universe radiate through yourself, knowing, that you have a choice to make for the unfolding to be revealed.

The most powerful breakthrough, a new perspective knowing, that resolves all ambiguity. The powerful gift of revisiting the meaning of God and the embodiment of the trinity in a more lay and understanding way. It is fascinating how, the lessons appear, co-inspired and connected. Only waiting to be acknowledged and lived LIVE!

I found my lessons in gratitude and gratitude it was that expanded the lessons into experiences. Experiences that have moved me from a God of images to a God of infinite perspectives. Each unique to the receiver. With Gratitude, it is a journey of being the very source of ALL THAT IS!

Maybe, we, need a brand new perspective about ALL THINGS GOD, ALL NAMES GOD and ALL THAT IS GOD!

Here’s something I’ve been working with and loving how it radiates!

God=In-finite In-visible

The energy that is all creating and all creation. The energy that is INternal to who you really are and INternal to all that is visible, that is, WITHIN all that is visible. The ever expanding the ever available source of ALL THAT IS created NOW and ALL THAT will ever be created. Such an amazing vibration to connect with creation and OneNess. YOU can just feel it, everywhere, because, all that is INFINITE INVISIBLE is GOD! 

The infinite invisible created ALL THAT IS, the big differentiator is the fact that all that was created is “finite and visibe”, creation therefore itself, is the visible proof of the source energy we represent. The key, is to SEE ourselves as separate as vulnerable as creator energy in form. We, the infinite invisible, created with the purpose of returning to who we really are… infinite and invisible creative energy.

Being “finite visible” we come forth to experience, that which, in the “infinite invisible” is ONE!

I guess, it explains almost everything and makes it so simple! It is time to invite the “infinite invisible” to empower the “finite visible” to an “in-finite and in-visible” journey of creation!

Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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