You can tell your in “love” when…

Every song you sing makes you giggle… there’s a sentence or two that makes more sense than everything else. Its like the song plays… on the radio, the word “love” gets your attention ALL THE TIME!!!

You feel like texting “I love you” to almost everyone in your list… you are delighted… simply because all you feel is this tingling in your heart… that funny feeling that something special is about to happen… and you still can’t get the WHY of it. You really want to announce a brand new intention to the world… you KNOW IT!! You actually land up… going through the phonebook and sending out texts like “I love you… thank you for being a part of my life”

You realise, you’ve blocked yourself from actually noticing you are loved by hiding behind a “CRUSH” for soooo long, only because you know the CRUSH makes you feel things that you always wanted to… in a cool way, having a crush is proof that you can feel love. That love is a PERSPECTIVE rush of feelings that fills you with excitement and adventure.

You begin to see the world with awe… raindrops draw your attention… the grey skies… you’re grateful for. Winters make you want to cuddle more. The excitement of sharing these moments with a special someone… makes you smile.

There is this constant need to make space… in our cupboard, in your bedroom, in your home for one more person… and you’re willing to share this space… with excitement.

Mirror time… goes up and you begin to notice… everything about yourself, you once KNEW but never really noticed.

You catch yourself smiling… aimlessly… because a certain “sentence”, “picture”, “memory” flashed in the memory bank of your head… and you had a voluntary reaction… the person you smiled at in that moment was a stranger… and even he/she smiled back at you.

When you sit at the computer… all smiling and writing a post like this… and the phone alerts you… and you get a message from someone special Winking smile


2 thoughts on “You can tell your in “love” when…

  1. Ah, one of my most favorite topics. Great post!

    The stars only swim
    in an ocean
    where Love
    is the water

    Subhan Zein

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