Window Shopping… more than meets the WHY ;)

Window-shopping metaphorically is a state of surfing through the choices presented to us. It makes sense, in a metaphorical way, to spend quality window shopping time, with our thoughts and perspectives. Taking time to surf through the possibilities that life presents us with.

Have you ever thought, that there was a time, when our choices were limited and we learned to fly with what came our way. staying in the mood to shop till we drop and then spending hours… choosing what to keep and what to give away. Often times, when we’re asked to give, we meet a lot of our shopping, still waiting to be used. And yes, there is some stuff, that is used till it is bruised and we hold on for the joys they’ve brought us in so so many ways.

I am window shopping right now for a brand new perspective and it is exciting the many perspectives presenting themselves to me… luring me to bite into the bait. There are ones that are so freaking attractive and they will provide short term excitement, then again, I am looking for something that will hold my attention. There are things that come with a “forever” tag, still I wonder how long I’ll feel hooked and loyal. Then there things that I know… are tempting, very tempting, yet, I want it only and only because someone else has it or I know that someone else, wants it.

What I know for sure, is that whatever it is … I see, I feel grateful for the knowing, that I have a choice and this choice makes it imperative for me to observe my own thoughts as I walk past each choice… understanding the many emotions I go through, the wants, I want, She wants, I need and maybe he needs. Every choice I make, takes me to a new window to choose from… and finally I understand… that I have the choice to simply… look at everything around me… go home… and with a new appreciation for choice… thank for all that I already have… more than I need… for most parts!

Since I am planning to settle down this year. To finally choose a perfect partner to spend the rest of my years… here on earth… I think I am going to be wise Winking smile   I’ll window shop through the prospects and maybe… just maybe… find one that warms my heart… makes me wanna… shop for keeps Winking smile


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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