Princess Diaries 11th January 2012

We have been very busy, haven’t we Open-mouthed smile Here’s wishing all of you a MystiicALL 2013!!

I have been addressing “life changes” for the last 3 months. Don’t know where it is headed, yet, everything feels just perfect, often making me pause to rest, only to rise again stronger, willing to take a longer walk, in the direction of my dreams.

In the process there is much to learn… many thoughts have become things and yet others refuse to say goodbye! Have had my ex-boyfriend on my mind… haven’t spoken to him in a whole year now… or maybe even more… I think… just feeling like his ego is too large for him to want to give it up… its like its his ASSET… I wonder, often, why would someone hold on to their EGO… inflated… and miss out on all the love and companionship. Did give it a try… what I think I managed to do… is inflate it more… he’s happy to be right… and I am happy he’s happy Open-mouthed smile 

I am having people issues to deal with and learn from!!! Don’t we all have these times when there is a FORCE that is FORCING itself upon us, urging us to REBEL and REPEL any and all advice… especially when the advice comes with a sense of don’t you wish you had better judgment!! Is it so wrong really to see people as genuine till proved otherwise. How easy it is to be opinionated based on other peoples perceptions. It becomes difficult, when the people who are advising are of the thought the “world is a bad bad place” or “people should not be trusted”. For me, well, everyone is good till they prove otherwise! I choose to see them as lessons that keep me from staying happy… and then all I do is learn to AVOID their drama! Winking smile

People, as I understand are beautiful!! they’re shaped by their experiences and choices and sometimes, it is wiser to accept them as they are an make a choice on how much of their experiences to allow into your learning and knowing how to handle yourself in their presence.

Something gratitude has taught me… the hard way… and now made it easy for me to teach!

A princess, is the sum total of her ability to experience the royalty without losing the ability to see everything as equal. The heavens are witness and the guiding light that lead us on to where we ought to be… sometimes, just sometimes, we lose focus of the BIG PICTURE… while staring at the frames.

Something to think about all through 2013… I cannot change the world… all I have control over is HOW I SEE IT Winking smile


3 thoughts on “Princess Diaries 11th January 2012

  1. Happy New year and may this year bless you abaundantly with grace, and love and may your heart prosper deep within. Its nice to know you are okay…that is a very inspiring moment. Missed you dear sister! God bless!

    • God Bless you abundantly… have been pre-occupied with a lot of transformation! It is indeed such a blessed feeling to have you in my spiritual life!

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