Moody Mystiic: Where is the balance?

Oh its been a while since I got down to writing what I feel… or rather feeling… the feeling of writing again… I have come to the computer so many times and begun a piece… and something within me freezes!!


there’s a time in your life that everything makes sense and still nothing feels more exciting than waiting for things to HAPPEN! It has been a wonderful feeling… feeling my way through each day… expecting happiness and finding it in tiny little miracles…

Maybe it is just me… a dreamer… realising that every dream… just happens, without too much ado. A little excitement and a lot of patience… that works itself out in the end. I am learning to feel my thoughts and let them express themselves into my reality… with a focus on creating a powerful experiential world that I can share with YOU.

Allowing Prayer to guide my path… a definitive way to touch the incredible feeling ways of the universe… just like a plant takes its own time to grow… life grows with every choice… to tend the choices determines, the FRUIT!

It is true… that it also opens many spaces of utter and complete love, knowing that there is a divine order in the chaotic madness… and this Divine Order is established by sheer… ALLOWANCE of FLOW!

The world seems to be speeding ahead of me… much like the hare and the tortise… then again… I seem to be OK with it!! I sometimes wonder, if it is OKAY to be OKAY with being OKAY?

Here’s another feeling… if people were OKAY with LIFE just passing by… why would they fall sick so often? Our body is intelligent enough to find innovative ways to SLOW us down… reminding us that it is ridiculous to be running at the speed of a race that isn’t even necessary… when you’re missing the very moments that God created for you to live!

oh, do I sound confused… well I am… strapped up to free fall… still wondering if…

Me thinks we should run a THOUGHT RACE CHALLENGE… we think so many thoughts…. and so many thoughts are thinking and reacting for us… WHERE IS THE BALANCE?


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