Angel Assistance: Today’s date is 10=20 (or 20-10), which in Angel Numbers means, “Connect with God to help you increase your faith and positive outlook.”

Today’s date is 10=20 (or 20-10), which in Angel Numbers means, “Connect with God to help you increase your faith and positive outlook.”
The human soul longs to feel and hear God, just like a child wants the presence of their loving parent. When we feel a disconnect with our Source, we feel afraid, lonely, and confused.
The connection with Source doesn’t necessarily entail a religious path, or even a spiritual path. The purest way to connect with God comes from spending time alone in silent communion. For me, that occurs in nature as I notice the incredible beauty and my heart is filled with gratitude for the stars, sunsets, clouds, birds, and flowers.
Connecting with God is like returning home and sleeping in your own bed: it’s the height of comfort, safety, security, and confidence.
Today’s question from this page is:

Question: I don’t know what I want….What I do know is…I don’t like my job, my home.
Answer: Great! Knowing what you DON’T want is a wonderful starting point in healing your life. Your body and feeling senses are radars that guide you toward or away from experiences through the Law of Attraction. If you don’t like something, we need to pay attention that feeling and take action.
Let’s start with your job. Write a list on a paper or a computer document, listing everything you dislike about your job. Include EVERYTHING, even minor details.
Now, look at that list to prepare making a second list that contains the OPPOSITE of what you just wrote. For example, if your job don’t-like list looks like this:
— Job Dislike List —
Long commute from home
Low pay
The products we make are meaningless to me
I have ethical problems with the company’s philosophy
Harsh and competitive environment
Then your “What I Desire in a Job” list will have the opposite:
— Job Desire List —
Short commute from home (or work from home)
High pay
The products we/I make are meaningful to me
My ethics agree with my (or my company’s) philosophy
Gentle and cooperative environment
Continue with lists like this for every area of your life where you’re feeling dissatisfied. Then throw away the “don’t like” list and focus upon the “Desire” list daily. Visualize that list being true right now. Feel and imagine what it’s like for everything on that “Desire” list to be a reality for you.
Don’t let your ego negate this process. Your ego will always say negative and pessimistic messages. If you listen to your ego, you’ll stay stuck and unhappy.
Similarly, don’t listen to other people’s egos either if they try to talk you out of your dream. In fact, I think it’s a good idea to only share your dreams with truly positive non-competitive people who are egoless enough to share in another person’s happiness without being threatened. If you don’t know anyone like that, share your dreams with your angels (who are egoless great friends to us all).
Put the list beneath your pillow or your nightstand, and keep asking the Universe to guide you clearly and loudly about action steps for you to take which will bring your Desire list rapidly into reality.
The Universe doesn’t just drop wishes into your lap, but it does grant wishes to those who are willing to ask for their desires; listen to their guidance; and take steady consistent action based upon their guidance.
I am sending Love to you and everyone who is making positive changes.
With love and respect,
Doreen ♥


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