Interpretation by Circumstance ;)

It often strikes me as a little annoying… when something is expected of YOU it is a NOW NEED and yet, when something is to be given to YOU people talk of “patience being a virtue”. Much the case of interpretation by circumstance.

The other day a well meaning friend, gave me a “So, YOU know… “ talking to. This was about the mandate of a Christian… and how, we are to take “THE WORD” to the rest of the world. Funny that a lot of people quote Jesus and the Bible, yet when they speak, there is lack of understanding exactly WHY JESUS IS JESUS!! So, You know… when you cannot respect what GOD created, in YOU, with all your contradictions! How then can you accept ALL THAT GOD CREATED without finding a LOOPHOLE… provided by RELIGION and PROPOGATED by the RIGHTEOUS!! We are all created by GOD… and we as Christians know GOD better through Christ… therefore our lives should be a reflective of HIS presence in the way you interact with creation. So, does this mean, if I read the bible and quote it long enough… God will be PLEASED by my ACTIONS OR ACTIONS like GOD would, clearly put me in a deeper relationship with being a child of God!!

A child who has grown up learning not to love themselves, will in fact grow up not knowing how to love others either. It is true, that PITY can strengthen you or KILL your spirit to GROW UP TO BE YOURSELF! A child who has been abandoned by one or both parents, will have feeling pendulums… between the adult they are and the child they’ve missed being. It is critical to know which person is ruling your feelings. No matter how hard you try, it isn’t easy to dismiss YOUR truth without ACCEPTING both the child and the adult, by treating them accordingly. So, hurting adults are really acting out the hurt child… and KNOWING which of the two is controlling your feelings will always give you a better perspective of the circumstance!!

Nothing is more empowering than to make a PERSPECTIVE CHOICE before REACTING by CIRCUMSTANCE!!



What was your first thought after reading the post???

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