“Stay positive and keep the faith about your life’s purpose.”: Angel Assistance

Today’s date is 9-21 (or 21-9), which in Angel Numbers means, “Stay positive and keep the faith about your life’s purpose.”
As a sensitive person, you’re highly affected by other people’s moods and energies. And if you live or work around

people who exhibit harsh energy (a lot of anger or competitiveness, for instance), you might feel drained of energy. Your body will tell you when you’re in a harsh situation or relationship, because it will tense up in your stomach and other major muscles, as it tries to protect you.
That’s why it’s essential to manage your energy as a highly-sensitive individual. The first step is to avoid harsh situations as much as possible. If you have job or relationship commitments that bring you into contact with harsh energy, then you’ll need to shield yourself.
Shielding means visualizing a cocoon of protective light around you. This is a very real and powerful spiritual tool. Just as different colors have different vibrational rates, so do different colors have different shielding effects. For instance:
Purple light will help to elevate your consciousness so that you can have a higher perspective about earthly issues.
Royal blue light provides protection and helps you to quickly manifest your needs.
Pink light is porous and permeable, and love energy can flow from you and to you through the pink light. This is a good choice if you’re helping or counseling someone with harsh energy.
Emerald green light is absorbed by the body as a powerful healing agent.
In addition to shielding, it’s important to clear yourself after you’ve encountered a harsh situation. There are many ways to clear, including prayer; soaking in a warm bath filled with sea salt; talking with a supportive person and/or journaling about your feelings; and calling upon the unlimited and non-denominational power of the Archangel Michael:
“Dear God and Archangel Michael, thank you for clearing away any energy of fear from my home and living environment. Thank you for dissolving all cords and attachments of fear from my body.”


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