Moody Mystiic: Obstacles

The word has been on my mind… Obstacles!! Something I guess I am meant to understand better, most of the obstacles I have identified in thought are “external pressure points”, something someone said, something someone needs, something someone expects and like a robot, the mind… changes position from a place within me… and is extended somewhere outside of me… and these thoughts, governed by the EXTERNAL has congested my INNER BEING from EXPRESSING!!

There is an OBSTACLE in expression… it’s been a while since I did some constructive writing… there is a reason WHY!! When I write, I feel this awesome flow of energy, dictate the journey in words. The energy defines, what I am going to learn, once it is written. So, today, I decided to write about the OBSTACLES… for the energy to reveal to me… at the end of this the NEED FOR OBSTACLES!!

When I think of the word… I feel a PAUSE… an UNEASY PAUSE… a shortness of breath and a need for a deeper KNOWING. A whole new set of faces emerge on the screen of my mind… they flash… they create emotions, they make me QUESTION the WHY OF THEIR PRESENCE and ask me “WHAT WOULD YOU LOSE IF YOU LOST THEM?” I break into a moment of weakness… I see them stand between me… and every dream I’ve ever dreamt!! THIS OBSTACLE VIEW IS A CHOICE… I am called to MAKE!!

Have I allowed, these FLASHES to HOLD ME TO RANSOM? Do I need to UNDERSTAND that I need to prioritize a little differently… to get past these flashes? Maybe, just maybe, it is starting to make sense… these faces are my comfort zone. I feel safe around them, some sense of control of that which controls me… I need to move beyond my comfort zone and learn to truly trust what the CAT BRINGS IN to be able to decipher the route I am meant to take Winking smile 

Obstacles have the power to reveal and what they reveal may HOLD the KEY to our next unplanned JOURNEY.

An OBSTACLE therefore, NOW, as I understand it, is an INVITATION from GOD to MOVE OUT OF A COMFORT ZONE OF CONTROL and allow your INSTINCT TO TAKE YOU BEYOND!

Maybe, what I must focus on is the WHY of certain new COMMUNICATIONS that are opening up, take the CHANCE to go there alone and explore… YES!! Knowing that GOD has something special planned….

Even the RAINBOW is a result of an OBSTACLE Winking smile 

I feel a deeper sense of Gratitude for the OBSTACLES now, that I have a whole new PERSPECTIVE filled with LOVE from which to view it!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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