Angel Assistance: Life’s Mission

Today’s date is 9-18 (or 18-9), which in Angel Numbers means, “Your life’s purpose fully supports you in all ways. Focus positively upon your life purpose, and abundance flows to you.” 

By focusing upon serving a purpose – which means a co

ntribution related to your true interests and passions — your purpose then serves you in return. 

Don’t do work soley for money, but instead concentrate on answering the question, “How can I make this world a better place?” Are there products or services that YOU would like to see offered, products or services that YOU need? If so, you can be sure that other people need these, too. It’s the old adage, “Find a need and then offer to fill it.” Just make sure that it’s a product or service that fills you with joy, because your enjoyment of your work gives you the energy and motivation to work on it daily.

The most successful people I’ve met put A LOT of time and effort into their career daily. This has been true for me, as well. If you LOVE your work, though, it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice to spend extra hours or days on a project. 

If you’re unsure what your true passions are, notice which activities you like to do in your spare time. Notice which topics really rev your engine in conversations. I promise you that you DO have a very important life’s purpose which will make you very happy, offer you support and abundance, and make the world a better place. 

The Archangel Michael knows the details of your life’s mission, and if you ask him to give you clear guidance, he will usher you in the direction of a career that makes your heart sing with joy. 


2 thoughts on “Angel Assistance: Life’s Mission

    • There is so much happening!!! Sometimes it calls for some INNER TIME!!! 😀 Reading your posts… is a reflection of my “NOW”… Love how we are connected!!!

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