Moody Mystiic: Lessons

Remember to RE-MEMBER with “WHO YOU ARE” often. Not one thought is more magical than understanding your powerful role as a Co-Creator.

We often come across circumstances that draw us to the edge… instead of looking at this as the edge of “LIFE AS YOU KNOW IT”… take the opportunity to treat this moment as an “ANSWER” to your unspoken thoughts… “LIFE AS YOU FEEL IT” has brought you to this point and that is ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW!

I learnt, that EXPECTATIONS however tiny… from a source outside of you, are but, blockages is your PERSONAL VISION. EMOTION is a brilliant ALERT SYSTEM, that is created to ASSIST you that you have moved away from your OWN PERSONAL ENERGY… and are now looking at life through someone else’s thoughts and vision.

I learnt, that GRATITUDE… is the ONLY way forward… and is the shortest way to stay balanced. In my Gratitude, is the answer to every hurt… a healing in disguise Open-mouthed smile

The LESSON’s you learn from your own experience… become the stories of VICTORY you SHARE!!!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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