Moody Mystiic: Gratitude

Someone, once told me, that I am impulsive and I smiled… I didn’t know that this person would inspire me to continue to be impulsive Open-mouthed smile

A lot of impulsive people aren’t aware of the energy that creates the impulse to take action. Our impulses come from a deeper emotional connect. Impulses are born from FEELINGS and in KNOWING how we feel… we CHANNEL the IMPULSE to work FOR US or AGAINST US!

Since, I fell in AWE of Gratitude… and began to KNOW.ALLOW.ACCEPT.MANIFEST more Gratitude in my life… I have understood something special about myself and the world. I can FEEL the tipping point of FEELING that creates… the impulse to ACT Winking smile 

It is amazing, how, people don’t really KNOW the power of Gratitude!!! My intent… through my work with my Foundation is to spread the powerful vibration of Gratitude… in an experiential way.

What fun… if we can teach the powerful vibration of gratitude… in a way that creates powerful personal experiences… we did it… with Santa Workshop last year… and that was only the beginning… the tip of the Gratitude vibration… How blessed to have been given an idea by heaven… that we may work on it here… with so many absolutely awesome people.

When a child writes to you about How Gratitude changed their life… YOU KNOW… that you have done a brilliant job.

Gratitude is a GIFT… PRESENT it to the WORLD!!!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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