Angel Assistance: An Encounter in Faith

Two weeks ago, I was ready to give up my dreams and settle for something, I knew wasn’t me… I haven’t learnt to settle for less. Yet, I was lost and hurting and I cried… my best friend… stabbed me in the proverbial back… and what was still most difficult to accept… well… that I deserved it.

I prayed… I needed the angels to assist my healing… and I can promise you… nothing works more powerfully… than a totally honest conversation with God… ASKING for the DIVINE Intelligence to UNDERSTAND the WHY of the PAIN!

I slept… still hurting, I guess the tears dried up too… I felt a sense of deep betrayal… yet, prayer has a very miraculous way of calming, enough to allow God’s version of WHY to be revealed… and it did.

The next morning, I woke up with a smile… the pain was gone… it was like, the angels descended in my sleep and healed all that was hurting… I rolled out of bed… went to the mirror and said “thank you”… even though I really didn’t understand WHY… I was feeling so good… Gratitude… early in the morning… jumpstarts the energy… allowing more of itself to be felt and known right through the day… my personal experience Open-mouthed smile

I felt light… I felt good… and when I logged into facebook… I understood why … two messages…. reminded me… that Gratitude, not only wipes the tears… it reminds you… in sooooooooo many ways, that God is aware of EVERY THOUGHT… Another proof that being in GRATITUDE… reveals the lesson:

God’s Message:
On this day, God wants you to know…
… that strong family makes a healthy foundation for life’s adventures.
Family to support you in times of need, to challenge you to grow, to celebrate with you in times of victory.

and Doreen Virtue Official Fan Page‘s message:
Today, trust every nuance of your gut feelings. If you feel something or someone is “off” or you notice red flags . . . trust these feelings and signs! Now more than ever, darkness cannot hide and deceit is revealed. And your body and feelings are the most accurate divination tools on the planet. Your gut feelings KNOW who and what to trust. Trust your body and trust your feelings. Don’t look outside of yourself for validation of your feelings. TRUST them!

The learning that clearly radiated with Gratitude… to KNOW AND TRUST… that GOD KNOWS what is happening… and WHY!!

… I kept saying “In Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS” and  I understood something special… something I didn’t even notice before this moment really… I had invested way too many emotions in my friendship… somewhere, quite unknowingly, the decisions I’ve made for most of my 35 years of being… has been emotionally connected to my Family & Friends… I didn’t realise, that at a vibrational level, I was IMMERSED in their LIVES, their NEEDS!! This ONE moment of PAIN was ORCHESTRATED by CREATION to ASSIST me in REALISING this truth… I understood, that I had been neglecting HOW I FELT… Now, I knew what I felt.. and I was able to release it… so a million little hurts… all exploded… cleansed!!! I felt light, because I understood most clearly that this was an answered prayer… 

I wanted to FOCUS on GOD’s PLAN for my life… till this ONE incident… I wasn’t even aware of my EMOTIONAL FOCUS!!

How many times, we ASK GOD to HELP and yet, aren’t truly able to recognise the HOW of the HELP!

THINK of the many PAIN AREAS of YOUR LIFE… ASK GOD and the ANGELS to reveal their DIVINE why… live Manifesting in Gratitude!!


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