Angel Assistance: **Important**

Your increasing sensitivity is a positive sign of your spiritual growth AND the world’s upward evolution. And it’s important that you acknowledge that you have changed and are different than you were a few months ago. With these changes, comes the responsibility to yourself and your life purpose, which include:

* Surrounding yourself with positive, open-hearted, loving, and giving people. You can ask the angels to send new friends to you, and they will.
* Keeping your mind, body, and emotions detoxed. Again, the angels will help you with this, if you’ll ask.
* Connecting with nature frequently.
* Trusting the path that your passions, curiosities, and interests take you ESPECIALLY if that path seems illogical. That path is the answer to your prayers, and will help you to make healthful and positive changes in your life.
* Listening to, trusting, and taking action upon your inner truth. This means being your own authority figure, and giving yourself permission to take action where you are guided.
* Being aware of your physical and emotional feelings, and adjusting your actions so that your feelings stay at the level of peace and happiness. Your feelings are a barometer, much like instruments that pilots use to guide their flights.
* Consciously choosing positive words.
* Praying constantly in your own way of prayer.
As you take good care of yourself, you give all of us the gift of your brightest light and love.
I love you!


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