Angel Assistance: Spiritual Teachers

One day as I walked upon a beach with lots of sharp and uneven rocks, I noticed a man peacefully walking upon a smooth rock-free path just above the beach. I never noticed that path until I saw him on it.
Although that man never saw me, and didn’t call attention to himself, he was my teacher. He showed me a smoother and more peaceful pathway, without even realizing he was doing so! I quickly found my way upon that path and enjoyed the rest of my beach walk.

And so it is with your spiritual teaching:
Stay in the eye of the hurricane where it is quiet, safe, and peaceful. You can help others and the world best from this centered location.
Getting into the swirling chaos which surrounds you will only increase fear. Instead, encourage others to join you in the peaceful place. Your encouragement comes from being at peace and exuding happy, loving energy. Others will be drawn to this energy and it will trigger their memories of being peaceful themselves. Once they see and feel your peacefulness, they will find their way.
From the peaceful place, we can take effective action to help other people, the environment, and all of the issues that need our attention right now.


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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