Moody Mystiic: Happ(((i)))ness

Today is an inspired morning… we all seek happiness… and happiness, is sometimes the state which we feel eludes. Then again… we come back to our CHOICES… maybe all we need to do, is really, make a brand new CHOICE!!

I was looking for a brand new way to stay happy… and here’s what I found…

Happ ((( I ))) ness

Honour.Appreciate.Prioritize.Pray (((SELF))) Now.Experience.Something.Special

Happiness is a state of balance, that comes from within the self. It is true, we must learn to first Honour, Appreciate, Prioritize and Pray for ourself first, before we can radiate out into the world.

It is true, in my understanding and experience, that, you CANNOT GIVE OUT, that which you do not HAVE WITHIN!! And once you REACH within, well, there is so much you find… that GIVING OUT… is an expansive co-creative experience!

We have spent years, looking for happiness, outside ourselves and right within the word itself, is the closest route to finding happiness, when you EXPERIENCE, who you are… something special happens.

The heaven’s sing with joy… for YOU are the song that heaven composed… and sent to the EARTH that you may RE-SOUND the natural rhythm of creation.

The surest route to take… in my experience… GRATITUDE!! Winking smile 

In Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS!!!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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