Moody Mystiic: Learning & Teaching

While planning the curriculum for my new found passion… I have been receiving messages about simplifying the teaching, by teaching it first to children. If a child can absorb the content… it is rich in intent!!! For a child, is pure unconditional energy.

So, my first, asking of the energy, was to teach me like a child… AWARENESS!!

I didn’t understand, the WHY… of strange emotional encounters, till I was with friends today!! With each person I meet and experiment with, I learnt, that the angels were drawing my attention to the different stimuli for each group… and for each of them, the curriculum, must be, almost, tailor made, if we’d like to make sure that they are being triggered, one level higher than there present thought process.

What I have learnt…

1) Unless you truly and honestly can practice “Reverse Gratitude”… you will not find a deeper sense of Gratitude for the NOW.

2) Happiness is really a state of CHOICES… of THOUGHT!!!

3) Each person is dealing with life… at a different vibration… their WORDS, reflect their vibration. The most important lesson is to HOLD YOURSELF in a higher state of Gratitude… so that THEIR THOUGHTS don’t become your ACTIONS Winking smile 

4) When you encounter a situation, that draws your ATTENTION to YOUR FEELINGS in that moment… it is PROOF, that the ANGELS are calling upon you, to tell you that they are surrounding you. Asking you to make a CHOICE from the wide range of FEELINGS!!

5) Everyone, seeks a better THOUGHT FORWARD! Yet, not too many NOTICE that their PRESENT moments THOUGHTS are the ONES they manifest in the FORWARD.

6) Ussain Bolt, at the start point… points to HEAVEN… He knows God’s running… and he celebrates the joy of being USSAIN!!

7) The first reactions on Mary Kom’s Olympic Bronze wasn’t the fact that “SHE CREATED HISTORY FOR INDIA”… it was the saddness, that she didn’t get the GOLD. Ha ha ha ha… We FOCUS a lot of times, on WHAT DIDN’T HAPPEN… and miss the PURE JOY of CELEBRATING what DID!!!

8) It is so easy to write an essay on WHAT CAN GO WRONG IF… than WHAT IS RIGHT inspite of…

9) Teaching is a GIFT of Experience. Before we impart, we must remember “I’m Part” of it.

10) Gratitude is a state of feeling RESPONSIBLE for CHOICES. YOU will learn it… ONLY by practicing it… everyday in everyway!

11) All you need is ONE POSITIVE thought… in the worst situations to feel better… and you can get to the better thought… in a BOLT Winking smile when you feel GRATITUDE, first for YOUR AWARENESS!!

So here’s what HEAVEN TAUGHT ME…

… I am RESPONSIBLE for my CHOICES… Teach me how to MAKE them WITH GRATITUDE.

… I can CHOOSE my POINT OF VIEW… Teach me how to discover the RAINBOW of CHOICE… When I see my choices as a RAINBOW, I first feel awed by the sight… I feel happy, I make better choices.


… Gratitude assists YOU to CHOOSE a better THOUGHT FORWARD… NOW… that you will experience in a FUTURE “NOW” moment… and that is MANIFESTING Winking smile 

… FEEL every feeling… with Gratitude… it reveals, it heals, it expands your KNOWING!

It’s now time to go back to the drawing board of the mind… and let the angels speak again… that the Teaching may reveal… ALL THAT IS I FEEL!!!

In Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS!!

Love and Light



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