Angel Assistance

Unsettled feelings spring from a search of peace, without knowing where it is or how to find it. But since peace is God, what you’re really craving is a connection with the Divine.: Doreen


It is fascinating how GOD intervenes through the Angels… the Holy Spirit… the very source of all the information they share with us. Imagine, how IMPORTANT each one of us is in HEAVEN!!! Open-mouthed smile I have always KNOWN a special relationship with heaven… learning to love the very circumstances that create a need to connect again, through my friend, philosopher and guide… Jesus. Today, I can feel my relationship with Heaven expand through the 35 years of being born into this life. How blessed are those, who are able to CHOOSE ONE relationship so dearly, that our entire lives expand with the JOY of this one relationship…

For some of us, that relationship is with the Father, for others with the son, for still others with the Holy Spirit… In our truth… ALL ONE!!!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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