Live FREE… L.O.V.E F.R.E.E

M y s t i i c

F.R.E.E when set in vibration and before it became about “things” was a reminder, just a reminder :


When thoughts are stifled and the road less travelled is filled with boulders to cross, take time to RE-MEMBER… that the priceless, insatiable, infinite… is F.R.E.E!!

Free is a term we often use to express “no strings attached” then again… the marketing genius over the years changed that too!! YOU purchase ONE and get the second FREE Winking smile

Then FREE changed the way we consumed food… 98% Fat Free Winking smile

Then with every bride you get the family FREE Open-mouthed smile

… and FREE became a “what’s the catch” FREE!!!

Then again… as I walk the F.R.E.E talk… I found a new F.R.E.E that removed old shackles and liberated.

Come to think of it… We are provided for in accordance to our need to stay alive…

The air we breathe is F.R.E.E

Life itself is…

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