Princess Diaries: 6th August 2012

YOU are a product of HEAVEN… and this we promise YOU… that every product of HEAVEN is created to EXPAND and CO-CREATE!!

Every choice, you make… with or without HEAVEN is a direction towards HEAVEN’s WORK!!! It is a privilege  to begin to WORK TOGETHER, when we meet HEAVEN in THOUGHT… and MANIFEST it in the FLESH!

I am but a student, yet, it is a fascinating adventure, to work with Heaven… beginning to take this path isn’t the easy way to start… The first lesson you truly are made to learn… is to APPRECIATE the life you’ve lived… all it’s THORNS INTACT… the thorns are almost proof, that you’ve grown into a ROSE!!

You must first FACE the FACTS as you’ve experienced it!! And that is the  ONLY STEP you are called to TAKE!! Look at these, CHALLENGES, as your learning to BE exactly where you are… and you will begin to understand the CHOICES you’ve made!! It is a phase, I came to understand as “THE LEARNING”, that seems to be re-creating PAIN… YES… they hurt till you see them with your own eyes… and feel them with your own feelings. RAISE them UP… now you KNOW what’s been causing the pain… this pain… that LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES have brought to YOU. Often, with so much HURT… that you’ve frozen the memory… the thawing… will cause tears… yet, as you LOOK heavenward, these tears… are a release of emotions… that we felt… when we first FROZE the emotion. This pain, is accumulated over the  years… yet, you’ve frozen it so long, that, there is a sense of… “Why HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME”… that I must go through this PAIN AGAIN!!!

Then comes the magic…of YOU!!! The YOU, that CREATION KNOWS… and you begin the second process…. “THE UNLEARNING”… The very acceptance and acknowledgment of the PAIN… begins to THAW… HEAVEN, cleans the view… ONLY that the lesson maybe learnt… it is this part that RAISES YOU up to the vibration of the YOU… Heaven knows you are!!!… This is a moment of CLARITY… and like then comes the AWESTRUCK moment of YOU!! You begin to understand, that the present MOMENT of CLARITY… is a GIFT of the CIRCUMSTANCES… the CIRCUMSTANCE looses it’s weight… and the wings are revealed. That which once HURT now has a HALO… for each of those memories… have co-inspired the CHOICE YOU ARE NOW MAKING!!! This time, YOU are more AWARE of the CHOICES and NOW, YOU have help with reaching the CHOICES that make YOU feel CONNECTED to HEAVEN!! It is when we turn to HEAVEN for ASSISTANCE, AWARENESS and GUIDANCE, that HEAVEN can RESPOND!!!

This ONE GIANT LEAP… HEAVENWARDS… BEgins the PURPOSE driven CHOICES… In this phase, we are called then, to “RE-MEMBER”… We are created in the image and likeness of GOD… and hence, PERFECT, WHOLE and COMPLETE… in everyway. RE-MEMBER… is to re-align YOUR thoughts with HEAVEN… and when you do that… life begins to expand… You simple begin to KNOW&FEEL a deeper sense of being a part of something/someone greater than your circumstances, greater than your story, greater than your GRIEF!!! You begin to feel connected to EVERYTHING that is CREATED… because… you’ve RE-Membered with WHO YOU ARE… Source Energy.

There will be challenges… these are cute… because, when the challenge arrives, so does a million PROMPTS, FLASHES, POINTERS from HEAVEN… to let you KNOW that you’re watched over and all of heaven is WAITING… WAITING for you to ASK for their ASSISTANCE in revealing the perspective view of HEAVEN. YOU begin to experience the magic of a new found purpose… that begins with the CHOICE, YOU make… to EXPERIENCE the power of RE-MEMBER-in-Gratitude (remembering) that you DO have all the CONTROL you’ll ever need… to LIVE this LIFE… with CONFIDENCE… that HEAVEN is at hand to HELP!!!

It now is easy to say OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN… and truly understand the POWER of those 4 words. YOU begin to feel the CHANGE… and the CHANGE is YOU!!!

Here’s wishing you a GLIMPSE of OUR FATHER’S love for YOU to CLAIM… the time as I write this is 11:18 hours… and the message is

You are nearing the end of a significant phase of your life. If you are tired of some part of your life, be glad that it will soon be healed or replaced with something better. Surrender and release those parts of your life that aren’t working, as your thoughts of a better life are coming to pass.

I pass this to YOU in accordance to the L.O.V.E (read this post) I am called to share with YOU… Receive it and Rejoice


3 thoughts on “Princess Diaries: 6th August 2012

  1. hi mystic; Nice post with a lot of good insight. I used to ask a friend of mine who was pretty rigid in his beliefs what he thought he would be doing once he got to heaven. He didn’t know. I then said well don’t you think you should give it some thought since you plan on spending an eternity with God. Given how impatient you are, won’t sitting around at God’s feet get pretty old in a hurry? How many people are so focused on getting there that, they have never entertained any idea about the quality of life they will experience once they reach their goal. Must we leave heaven and experience hell only to return once again from whence we came? Maybe we never left and it’s all heaven, maybe heaven is a state of consciousness. Love to read your posts.

    • Heaven… in my understanding is a state of consciousness… that raises YOU!!! It is an amazing fact, that we all imagine or are made to believe… that heaven is BEYOND NOW… Yet, in working with Angel Guidance… it’s pretty much… RIGHT HERE… NOW!! All we’re called to do… is reach a place of BEING… beyond the circumstances…
      Thank you Sanora… I feel connected with YOU!! (((hugs)))

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