Angel Affirmation: Heaven Rejoices

I am just so excited today!!! It is an enriching experience to work with children. My first workshop with children… I guess I was even more nervous than they were… ONLY till I began talking.

It is amazing, to KNOW that the angels were really busy… as I spoke… I kept receiving vital information to share with them… I was amazed at the energy I felt… this energy was almost real… the children were excited, they felt, like I was reading their minds… and I felt like someone was telling me… teaching me… in that moment all I needed to feel, allow and accept… that the children may feel connected to the communication and feel the change within themselves.

Today, I felt the COMING TOGETHER of HEAVEN… only to let me know, that I have made a choice… that Heaven rejoices with me and works through me.

This was a thought… now I have direction too!!!


2 thoughts on “Angel Affirmation: Heaven Rejoices

  1. Congratulations, that it went so well…but knowing your heart i always will, becaiuse what you bring to lives is a living resource…and what you share is a perfect love, especially with children…they see clearly when one is real or not! You are always a blessing to me and many others just keep moving forward for what you bring is a life treasure!…much love to you!

    • I am touched… and jubilant in spirit!!! Thank YOU Wendell (((hugs)))
      I feel like I have found my fields.. to sow the love God graces me with… I feel the children communicate with ease.. and learn to love themselves first.
      It is surprising, how, children speak from adult perspectives so confidently… that they miss out on being their age!! When they speak from their age… their communication is so so wonderful… they have so much clarity!!! It is energising 😀
      I guess, it felt like connecting with my own inner child… as I communicated with them. 😀

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