Angel Assistance

Your divine life purpose is one reason why your angels urge you toward detoxing, exercising, and eating healthfully. The angels know that you need enough time, energy, and confidence to focus upon your spiritual priorities. 

When you take good care of your body, you have more time and energy. You’ll have the clear mind and the energy to write your book, conduct a healing session, and focus upon your art before or after your day job. 

And if you dream of working full-time in work related to your passions, here’s the earthly truth about those who are supporting themselves financially with their dream work: They work almost non-stop. They work every day for many hours daily. Yet, because they love their work, it doens’t feel like work. 

It takes self-care and the willingness to log the daily hours with activities related to your passion. It doesn’t even matter what you do related to your passion, but that you take daily steps that are connected to your dreams.

Please don’t let perfectionism keep you from moving forward. Our dream work is more art than science, and there’s no way to do anything perfectly in the earthly sense. However, everything is spiritually and divinely perfect as long as your whole heart and soul are poured into your activities.

My prayers is that you hear, trust, and take action upon your inner guidance. Trust your dreams, trust your feelings, trust your insights. 

With love and respect,


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