Moody Mystiic: Decisions Part II

If I make no decisions by myself, this is the day I will be given me: ACIM

I am so excited… today is a very special day… learning not to work with my circumstantial evidence… holding every thought to Divine Guidance… it has been an amazing new learning… I almost feel like there is a Co-Inspired and mysterious energy, creating the life, I once PRAYED for.

Introspection confirms… that the circumstances remain the same. The people around me… are still the same, they haven’t changed at all… yet… there is something significantly different… almost like “Heaven came down and Glory filled my soul”  and ALL THAT IS, is GUIDED… “In HIS time”… such a beautiful feeling of being complete and whole.

Which brings us to another beautiful path when taking decisions… if the first thought was to practice “Moody Mystiic: Decisions

Part II, is to begin to feel the feelings/emotions/manifestations that occur… in a day that is guided, which brings us to:

If I make no decisions by myself, this is the day I will be given me: ACIM

As you soak into the divine guidance… follow the clues… that make you smile… they’re telling you something… calling you to feel a brand new presence… assisting you cross over challenges and look back at them as victories. The most beautiful experience, is to begin to see… how your perspective has changed… the words that flow from you… feel good to the self… and create goodness around you. There is evidence… that WHAT YOU ARE THINKING is what is manifesting… is what is around you.

Feel God’s unlimited and unconditional love for you in this moment… listen to your heart… HE IS CALLING YOU to SEE as HE sees… LOVE as HE loves… BE as HE IS… He is calling you to BE YOU… YOU are meant to BE!!!

“I am so totally loving, every new window, I now notice… for the GUIDANCE is drawing me to the AWARENESS… NOW… of how blessed I AM”

(feel free to use this sentence… in addition to the quote… to travel deeper into your AWARENESS… RIGHT NOW)

Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS!!!

Love & Light



2 thoughts on “Moody Mystiic: Decisions Part II

  1. Glad to see you are enjoying that book so much. It is definetly one path that can lead you to your teacher, which is,… as the book says…the holy spirit.

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