Moody Mystiic: Decisions

“I will make no decisions by myself today”

We are all being called to a deeper connection with the divine intelligence that created US… and ALL THAT IS!!

Take a minute today to use this powerful tool, one that found me too… in the book “A Course in Miracles”… I spent all day, using this one sentence… and I now must share it with you too!!

Once YOU invoke the energy of the affirmation you will be asked to choose… the energy you would like to harness through your day… I chose Heaven, God, Holy Spirit, Jesus and my angels!! You can choose, the energy you feel closest to in communication Open-mouthed smile

All day, seemed orchestrated in accordance to my asking, I only followed every prompt I received… in thought word and deed. I felt the power of a deeper presence of balance. Situations which challenged… dissolved. People who usually get on my nerves, were gentle. Even the inverter, which usually drains out, during long power breaks (yesterday the northern power grid collapsed in India… so we were pretty much in the dark Winking smile ) was resilient. The weather was wonderful, it was easier to truly ease out and wait.

We constantly receive from God, that which we need to do to stay aligned and balanced in his love… we have the choice… it is all up to us to CHOOSE WISELY Winking smile 

Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS Smile 


4 thoughts on “Moody Mystiic: Decisions

    • Yes it is… steering 😀 However, when you scan the energy… it has multiple energies that are manifest. There are parts that connect and disconnect… I guess, it is meant for just everyone to read… and receive in accordance to their vibrations. It is the slowest read ever… I get prompted to skip parts and move to other paragraphs on the page… and when I do defy the guidance and read … I feel a sense of disconnect with those parts.
      I have learnt… while reading the book… to stay guided… 🙂

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