Angel Affirmation

Dear God, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Michael, I now open my mind and emotions to you. Thank you for clearing away fears and insecurities, helping me know that Heaven loves me and wishes to bestow its healing grace for my peace and happiness.


the time I read this message… 2202 hrs… and the number meaning…

God wants you to know that he has not forgotten or abandoned you. He loves you very, very much! In fact, God is orchestrating a wonderful new phase of your life. Talk to God often, and you’ll feel this forthcoming miracle. God also reminds you of the importance of “Divine Timing.” Sometimes, certain factors need to fall into place first before your desired outcome can be reached. As long as you hold onto your faith, there is nothing blocking you from attaining your desire.


One thought on “Angel Affirmation

  1. It was perfect timing, thank you. In the last 24 hours I found out the truth about my ex cheating on me, and he’s own mother was helping him. The both were narcissist which was a continuous personality trait that I allowed to cloud me in darkness, throughout my life. I finally walked away from these two people and have moved on from the lesson of allowing myself to be abused by narcissist. I love myself. At the same time in this last 24 hours I took into my home a rescue 2 month old pup who was with a abusive owner and coming through hook worm infection. The dogs soul is very old I could tell from watching him and I have given him my full attention after closing the door on my ex and his mother. Just 15 min ago my new pup got up and had a drink of water, after 2 days with no food and constant vomiting which means this is a great sign he’s on the home run. I was watching him feeling all the higher beings surrounding us watching with love and me looking up to the heavens whisper deep joyful gratitude. I usually check my angel numbers and this was the first time I saw your blog and I knew that the heavens had moved through you so I could read this on this most auspicious night. There is the planetary alignment of five planets, mercury Venus mars Jupiter and Saturn. Last 2 days of mercury retro grade. I just feel love and I feel grateful, thank you angels. Please know that I am happy that you have help my family. Love vk 😉 thank you Mystiic

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