Princess Diaries: 27th July 2012

It is an amazing journey from here to where I KNOW I will be… a multitude of energies at work, guiding and leading, my thoughts, words and deeds. It is quite an experience really when you begin to ACCEPT the NOW and learn to find things to appreciate about… the way things are!!!

This is the second time round in my life, when an Idea has taken over and now, I live it… I live within it… and I am the idea’s parent!!!  A lot of the emotions are pretty much the same… fear, hesitance, too big, what if’s… and if not’s… this time around, there’s one more powerful powerful energy at work… That is causing me to SMILE through the challenges… the excitement of living each emotion gratefully, THESE are the exact emotions that are my “SUCCESS story pointers”

I am so super excited about the many lives, I am going to have the privilege to work with, in my new venture. I’ve taken the big leap in THOUGHT from student to TEACHER!!! All the experiences, I have lived have caused me to create new ways of learning to stay positive… I suddenly realise how the PAIN I once felt has become the energy that brought me to this NEW PHASE!!

Do I think it’s going to be easy… YES!! Only because, what I am now going to be teaching, is what I have learnt through TRIAL & TERROR ‘Winking smile and that makes the journey ACHIEVABLE!!! Someone’s been there and done it… Now, YOU too can get there to BE IT!!!

My issues have dissolved and now, what I see, is the amazing, RAINBOW of opportunities, life created, for me… to LEARN that I may TEACH others too!!  While the concept rolls out in September… it is already so easy to feel the enormous energy it brings and the enormous opportunity it creates.

The beauty of reaching for a better KNOWING and FEELING is co-creating a brand new vantage point from where All That Is is revealed by ALLOWING & ACCEPTING… and MANIFESTING more of INTENT and POSITIVE abundance!!!

In Gratitude for the energy that works through me… with me… for me & YOU!!!


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