Travel Theme: Food

Meat it is… Garnished… with but one Veggie picture!!!! I have also put in a little easy to make recipe!!! 


I’m not too much of a veggie fan… yet… when the vegetables… are crispy… well..  Winking smile


Sizzlers… well a fantastic meal all on one hot plate!!! It is actually the only way I have boiled vegetables Winking smile Chicken and Pineapple Sizzler!!


Lotsa Butter… Lotsa Garlic… Salt… quick fry with prawns… tiny tip… don’t forget to de-vein the prawn!!! Open-mouthed smile


All you need is FISH and a pack of Karma’s Rechado Masala Winking smile take 2 table spoons of the paste… put it half a cup of water… let it boil for 5 minutes… put it the fish… and dry up the  water… That’s my receipe… for when I miss GOA!!!


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