You and I are employees of God, Inc…

You and I are employees of God, Inc. We were sent to earth by God to do a job. Just like any employee, we are given assignments to fulfill. We’re also given the support that we need to do our jobs. 

Some employees of God refuse to do their jobs, or they doubt that they’re qualified. Some argue with God about the assignments that they’re given.

And other employees forget to ask for their supplies. Or when they ask for supplies, they don’t trust the directions they’re given that will lead them to the supplies. Some employees fear that they won’t have enough supplies in the future, which distracts them from doing their present-moment assignment. 

YOU are highly valued by God and all of heaven.

YOU are very loved and needed.

God and the angels know exactly who you are and what you’re capable of. They won’t ask you to do anything you can’t do. Everything you need is suppied, provided that you:

* Ask for the help and
* Follow the guidance they give you (which comes as ideas such as “make this phone call,” “take this class,” “change careers,” etc.) 

Some of the guidance you’ll receive will make no sense to you. Just like an employee of any large corporation, we employees of God, Inc. can’t see the entire plan and reason behind the assignments we receive. Yet our assignments are still necessary.

What do you dream of doing? This is a great indicator of your Divine Assignment. Ask for guidance as to how to fulfill (and enjoy!) this assignment. Ask for everything you need help with, and then do your job promptly and with joy. You’ll get a raise and a promotion very quickly this way!

Love from your fellow God, Inc. employee,


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