“I am YOU”: A new vibrational connect

YOU… the very vibration of the word UNIVERSE!! Each time we ACNKOWLEDGE YOU, we acknowledge the UNIVERSE within YOU!!

The powerful vibration of “I am YOU”… Begins with I AM… to harness the powerful vibration of Creation itself. The I AM that created ALL THAT IS … expands through your own personal experiences.

To begin to understand where you are at in your Vibrational Connect with I am… a beautiful exercise…

I am…

One with the creator energy I represent in person.

Two very powerful energies in one. Who I really am and Who I have become through my powerful personal experiences

Three parts of me that co-exist to co-create. My Super Conscious, My Conscious and My Sub Conscious

Four Directional protection is my intent and desire… 1) from above that I may receive 2) to the left where my past experiences rest 3) to the right where my future experiences expand 4) Below me, my present moment where I am.

Five senses direct my awareness, 1) the sense of sight 2) The sense of listening 3) the sense of smell 4) the sense of taste 5) the sense of touch

Sixth sense, the sense in which I balance my 5 senses, this sense is the guidance I receive from my super conscious in accordance to my choices

the balance of Seven energy centres that are aligned divinely by my asking that I may continue to find within, the motivation and inspiration I need to co-create. 1) the root chakra 2) the sacral chakra 3) the solar plexis chakra 4) the heart chakra 5) the throat chakra 6) the third eye chakra 7) the crown

As I raise my intent to heaven, I ask you to to now, breathe deeply and allow each energy to be raised with gratitude to a brand new experience of I AM in your life today and always!!

For the promise is given to those who CLAIM it!!

Much Love and Light,



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