A Lesson to REMEMBER: I Love YOU… 10 ways to LIVE IT!!!

Yesterday, was a defining moment for me… I made a choice… and I remembered, this post!!! I realise, I invited that experience… to revive the lesson!!! I am making another brand new list… I LOVE YOU… I wish you 10 ways to LIVE it!!!

M y s t i i c

I love you… the words we love to hear… however, don’t really know how to use it to feel it Winking smile The most common word used in a relationship… yet the most often abused 3 words ever. I love you… sounds so beautiful to the ear… and feels so beautiful to the heart and makes a rainbow appear in the scenic visual of the mind. Then, when the rainbow fades… and reality strikes… love flies out of the window.

In my own quest with love… as I looked back on my historic relationships Winking smile … the “peak-plateau-valley”… it is astonishing how… the “birth-life-death”  cycle of “I Love You”… in each phase, the meaning changed and the magnificent relationship changed too… I Love you became three words!

So, we decided to create a whole new way to say I Love You and truly feel it Winking smile with each other. We had to say “I…

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