Travel Theme: Food

I guess Ailsa… was expecting me back for this one Winking smile  My love for food, takes me to many little places around a visiting city… for the first part of the challenge, I am going to introduce you to some yummy Goan Food!!

I am going to give you the NAMES you need to know when you’re visiting GOA… so you don’t just get to eat TOURIST cusine… but more authentic Goan food!!

A memory of Goa you’ll live with your taste buds… and this is part 1 Winking smile 


This is SURMAI rawa fry… Centre Bone wonder… Brilliant to have with chilled beer!!


This is CHONAK RAWA Fry…  another flat fish… with a tender centre bone!!!


Crab in Butter Garlic… brilliant!!!


The famed… TEESRIO’s cooked in coconut… with the local bread… also call PAV!!!

While I salivate while sharing this with you… something you ought to know about Goan Food… the spices are delicate and the food is mostly finely ground masala… to which the fish/meat is added… so the only oil you’ll get… is the natural oils from the meat… and the brilliant taste of the meat… the flavours… will make you want to keep eating… well after YOU THINK YOU’RE DONE!!!

A fantastic restaurant… a small little place called “KINARA” in OLD GOA… that serves only authentic GOAN CUSINE!!!

Next I’ll take you on a trip…


8 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Food

  1. Oooh, yes, I love masala. I didn’t know that Goan food had no added oil. I just learned something new, thanks Mystiic!

  2. Oh my God! I want all of that NOW! LOVE Goan food. Its a lot like Mangalorean with all that coconut. I really miss good seafood here in the East coast. Somehow doesn’t taste like the west at all! Perhaps I am biased 🙂

    • Maglorean and Goan Cuisine are pretty similar!!! If you have someone who is coming from India… ask them to get you Karma’s Masala… they’ve done a brilliant job!!! I pick up a whole lot of it so I don’t feel “goa sick” in Delhi!! 😀 😉

      • Karma’s….shall make a note of that.
        I am a Mangaloreean living in Chennai, so that shouldn’t be too hard 🙂

      • 🙂 Chennai… I spent 3 years of my childhood there!!! I love Marina… haven’t been there for almost 6 years now!!!
        Get your hands on Karma’s or otherwise you could also get Costa’s… both are almost similar… and manage to get the Goan flavours correct!!!

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