My Symbol of Gratitude: Jesus

Many years ago, when I didn’t quite read… I knew I had a special lead!! My brother, friend, philosopher and guide… my KNOWING… JESUS!!

Now, you may ask… How could just a child of 2 KNOW HIM?

Well, I was told stories, of my growing years by my Grandmother… Who once asked me, why I didn’t “ASK Questions like, all little children do. About the stars, the sun, the moon”… she just felt, that for a talkative being like me… I wasn’t curious enough!! For someone, at 2 to have an opinion about everything and yet, not ask questions!!!… Well, it was something my grandmother, didn’t understand… Smile To her surprise… even now, at 92, when she repeats the story, you can still see the absolute amazement in her expressions, when a two year old replied “Because I KNOW it.” Her counter question… “Tell me”… and I said… “because Jesus wants it”

Jesus, someone, who has always been real for me.

Jesus, someone, who has held my thoughts to heaven’s reasoning, even when all I UNDERSTOOD was grief.

Jesus, someone, who held me to my truth, even when the odds were in favour of “breaking down”.

Jesus, the ONE, who talk me to walk in Gratitude, just like he did… knowing, that there is much to STAND FOR in the TRUTH of “created in the image and likeness of God”… a truth, we often, hold ourselves apart from.

Jesus, the Guardian, of my soul. He has always found a brand new way for me to reach deeper within, ASK with Gratitude… for the guidance I need.

Jesus, the very essence of my being, for in  being a friend, he taught me the very simple prayer of APPRECIATION that has for me, created the PATH, I KNOW as LIFE.

Jesus, my first teacher, has taught me, most lovingly, about my own personal relationship with heaven, guiding me through HIS work here on earth.

Jesus, my guardian angel, who helped me draft my CHOICES, that I may always find more to be grateful for, even though, the times, may be calling me to GIVE IN and be hateful and scared.

Jesus, the healer, of my beliefs, through whom, I created my communication with all that is WELL WITH ME… my relationship with HEAVEN.


Jesus, the VOICE, that GUIDES my experiences, to raise my INTENT to the frequency of DIVINE UNDERSTANDING, that keeps me afloat in the midst of a personal storm.


Jesus, the WISDOM, of my LACK vibrations, calling me each time, to ASK for that which I desire, moving me from a place of LACK to a FREQUENCY of ABUNDANCE.

Jesus, the LIGHT, that cleanses the dark thoughts, I borrowed from my UNWORTHINESS to stand in the LIGHT of the OMNIPRESENT.

Jesus, the FIRST STEP… to my relationship with the Father, the Holy Spirit, with the ANGELS and all of HEAVEN!!

Jesus, my work and my play, for in every moment HIS presence revealed, through the many ANGELS that work with me… to create.

Jesus, my CONNECTION… between WHO I REALLY AM and WHO I think I REALLY AM! The powerful catalyst of the “I AM YOU” vibration.

Jesus, the TRUTH, the WAY, the LIFE… My gratitude is at the highest… in the name of Jesus… for Jesus IS… the embodiment of Gratitude.

Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS!!




2 thoughts on “My Symbol of Gratitude: Jesus

  1. A beautiful profession of love and faith! Once centered it is easy to help, share and love with the awesome power that lives within you being channel out to others giving them the taste of ultimate joy that comes from that loving relationship you embraced long ago! I can remember when i was too drawing pictures of landscapes with crosses, and Star crosses shining brightly in the skies. When asked by my mother at the age of two, where my father was at, she told me I replied my Father is in heaven! She said I was to be a minister, like my uncle, my grandfather, and my great grandfathers before them. Little did she know that God would use me in a way that asks for nothing, and only shares the love and grace of God freely and abundantly! Thanks for the beautiful post this morning your words are very inspiting!

    • Thank you Wendell!!! Every YOU in your poems… reminds me of “I am YOU” … May God continue to empower your words and thoughts… that we may all RECEIVE through you!!! With Gratitude ….

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