Angel Affirmations: Doreen Virtue

Happiness is healing, holy, and heart-opening. Happiness radiates outwardly with a positive ripple effect. When you’re happy, you uplift everyone! your happiness is a gift to us all.

No matter what, there’s ALWAYS something to feel happy about.

What are you happy about right now? : Doreen Virtue

I am happy about my life… it is an amazing journey to begin to KNOW and FEEL and ALLOW & ACCEPT   the powerful new vibration of “I am YOU”. I have an incredible family, a phenomenal relationship with a special person, who brings out the very best and worst in me… causing me to continue to raise new intentions that draw me closer to myself and him. I am blessed to have a divinely guided business, that is growing at the speed of gratitude. I am always surrounded by the loving presence  of the Divine Order. My Plans are being realised with every breath… Right here on wordpress, I am surrounded by so many wonderful people… who assist me in keeping my vibrations at a frequency of pure joy. Mystiic

I’d love to read of your HAPPY NOW too!!! Feel free to express yourself… as we continue to raise our vibrations today!!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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