Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Another Toast to Movement of a different pleasure form… the movement from fear to fantasy!!!

To watch and feel these moments LIVE… well… phenomenal… to be able to capture them in pictures… to share with my nephew when he grows older… PRICELESS!!!


Another celebration of Movement!!! Taking my nephew for his first big trampoline day out Winking smile Ha ha ha… the expressions I saw for real and missing trying to get the act in pictures Winking smile 


Movement11     Movement14

Movement… from fear to fancy free Winking smile From head hung low in fear… to looking straight back at the camera… when he got confident and started truly enjoying the bounce and the movement!!!


Movement9    Movement16


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

    • It was hilarious LIVE 😉 He went from excited to scared to ecstatic… I want more… in 4 minutes!!!

    • It always is when I’m out with the “little adult”… there’s so much to learn with Children!! 🙂

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    • 🙂 😉 I was having such a blast creating a memory for him… he obliged by looking at the camera to acknowledge it!!! Quite a poser he is :))

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