Princess Diaries: 8th July 2012

It is my pleasure to now KNOW & FEEL and am still learning to ALLOW & ACCEPT the awesome energy of SOURCE within me, to radiate through me into the TIME & SPACE reality, I have known for most of my life as LIFE itself!

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been in an amazing relationship with a deeper relationship with MYSELF!! Calling me to a CURIOUS new relationship vibration of the powerful Co-Creator I am… in the vibrational world, with the “YOU” I am refered to in the physical world… this world in which I share my energy with the NAME, the PERSON, the IDENTITY that I have been taught since my birth, is ME!! In this time and space, where, SEEING is BELIEVING and I must see to believe I AM!!

This powerful new lesson, which is in CONTINUUM of the ALLOW & ACCEPT lesson, I have been blessed to RECEIVE and SHARE with YOU. Is a calling to the very powerful vibration of the balancing of WHO I REALLY AM and WHO I THINK I AM… the energy, I am given to understand is the powerful vibration of “I am YOU”

When I began KNOWING and FEELING, I had no idea where it was headed, yet, it felt so brilliant, that I began KNOWING that “I am” within me is calling me to expand vibrationally and begin a journey on a road less travelled. A myriad of experiences came into my reality, that assisted me in TUNING IN to KNOWING and FEELING the NOW, before taking a decision. Honestly, it was on song, bringing new challenges, prompting me to KNOW and FEEL what I am feeling, before taking the next step… the moment, I’d acknowledge what I knew and felt in the NOW of the moment, my guidance would expand the view… much like, when playing a new round in a game…  you first have to connect with the new level, before you can aim to cross it!! In retrospect, I always felt a powerful presence, that didn’t have a name… guide me, prompt me… to get to a point, when I would, naturally first LISTEN, before speaking and speak that which my guidance told me… ha ha ha… the fun of the exercise, well, the presence, was always present, while cooking, reading, talking, healing and sending me love in absolutely everything I did… even when I was in a bad mood, I felt, COVERED!! Leading me to KNOWING and FEELING a new VIBRATIONAL message in almost every challenge. The times, looked tough on the outside, the times on the inside were more relaxed in the KNOWING, that these CHALLENGES, were meant to teach not torture!! They were meant to HEAL not HELL!!

I must take this moment NOW… to THANK, ZYNGA and Bubble Safari, for bringing this lesson to me… teaching me to relax at each new level, understand the way it works before setting new BUBBLES into the game… to expand the level I’d reached Winking smile 

The FOLLOW through to Know & Feel, was to begin to ALLOW and ACCEPT the DIVINE ASSISTANCE. Get to KNOW the energies, who have been assisting me to learn these new lessons. To FEEL their joy and my own when we made these connections, understand how we all worked from a place of ABUNDANCE in THOUGHT, WORD, DEED!!!

Being introduced to the names and vibrations of my DIVINE ASSISTANCE and ALLOWING them to work within me… to ALLOW them to radiate and fill my energy with a brand new “PERSPECTIVE”, paved the way for a BRAND NEW ADVENTURE!!! The excitement of making more aligned choices, the most beautiful co-incidences coming together to create from nothing a beautiful new way of life. I ALLOWED myself the pleasure of WAKING up and WALKING every morning to a healthier me. I began to attract, the powerful guidance of Archangels, each introducing me to a brand new, learning, a new powerful assistance. Helping me understand, that my ASKING for DIVINE ASSISTANCE and ALLOWING AND ACCEPTING their presence, gives them the OPPORTUNITY to introduce themselves to me. I ALLOWED myself, the powerful LEAP in FAITH, to SHARE without FEAR, how these beautiful energies, work with me and work through me. In ALLOWING & ACCEPTING their guidance… well… I invited them to SHARE more.

Now, you may ASK… How!!!

Step1: The beauty of harnessing this powerful energy is GRATITUDE!! The powerful vibration of Gratitude is where the MAGIC begins and the powerful vibration of Gratitude, expands YOUR personal vibration to continue to RECEIVE from SOURCE that which you ASK!!

Step2: Learning to KNOW & FEEL, in every situation, that GUIDANCE is AVAILABLE, when you ACKNOWLEDGE the ISness of the situation. It isn’t YOUR job to SOLVE it. YOUR ONLY JOB, is to ACKNOWLEDGE it exists and YES, to acknowledge that you WOULD LIKE TO FEEL BETTER by KNOWING the  HOW of the way you INVITED THIS PARTICULAR EXPERIENCE into your CONSCIOUS BEING!! It is amazing, how, your guidance will take your thoughts with Gratitude, and assist you in tracing back to the foundation thought from where the INTENT was raised. When you do get to that POINT, GRATITUDE for the KNOWING, assists you to release the FOUNDATION intent, the WHY of your MANIFESTATION!! Clearly drawing you to a brand NEW INTENT of CREATING a better feeling situation, knowingly.

Step3: You then BEGIN your journey of ALLOWING & ACCEPTING, the presence of your DIVINE GUIDANCE… to assist you more often. In this process, your challenge is to ALLOW the DIVINE GUIDANCE to CONTINUE to REVEAL the CHALLENGES you once CHOSE to IGNORE. We choose to HOLD back our TRUTH, for the very purpose of TRYING TO THINK A MORE POSITIVE THOUGHT, however, the truth is… YOU can CHOOSE to INVITE the DIVINE to CLEANSE the path… you cannot CROSS OVER a HURDLE without taking a LEAP IN FAITH, knowing that when you FEEL your feet clear the BAR… it’s TRULY BEHIND YOU!! The fact is that …. life is like a hurdle race, you have to clear the hurdles to win the race… you can’t just RUN past them and pretend they weren’t there Winking smile 

Divine Guidance, guides your CLEARANCE level Winking smile You get prompted, when to raise your leg… and feel the flight… and then when you first feel the ground, you are in a state of pure joy!! Clearing the HURDLES of THOUGHT, WORD and DEED can be a SPIRITUAL PROCESS, don’t deny yourself the powerful experience!

It is actually so much fun, I remember, when I began my morning walks, 1.67kms was the distance I could get myself to walk!! I was so tired, my energy levels… well… I couldn’t get myself to walk another step… I was tired, out of breath, parched and my feet would simply say… STOP NOW!! When I started asking for guidance on how, I began receiving vital energy tips… new information… messages on how to stay WALKING Winking smile from friends, other bloggers, family… my body began responding to the guidance… in one simple thought variation. I decided, to ALLOW my body to let me KNOW how it FELT about this new part of our day… a week later, I was moved to take up a 5km challenge… I felt my body, move to keep up to the challenge it set itself… Now, I regularly walk 5km to the hour!! It is with much Gratitude to my body for ALLOWING & ACCEPTING its own personal power. I do nothing, but to follow my INNER GUIDANCE as far as leading a healthier life is concerned. The energy is the DIVINE INTELLIGENCE acknowledged and revealed through the results I feel!!! Moved from a size 40 to 38 now a few powerful body decision away from 36… all in 38 days!!!

The new vibration of “I AM YOU” is the newest lesson I’ve received… a calling to connect the CREATOR ENERGY, I am now beginning to UNDERSTAND and Harness… I am so eager and excited to share this new VIBRATION with you… yet, I am called to begin the experience, by acknowledging the lesson so far… in expressing and sharing it with you… I have now set into the next powerful vibrational expansion of learning… “I am YOU”

The vibration in which, I am going to be learning how to ACCESS my own creator energy at all times, through ALL THAT IS!! Knowing, Feeling, Allowing and Accepting the HIGHER VIBRATION of “I am YOU” to assist my DELIBERATE MANIFESTING!!

The many tools, I am being introduced to for this lesson are fascinating, Angel Assistance by virtue of thought, Guidance through Scripture, Doreen Virtue’s Channeling of Angel Messages, Thoughts manifesting around me, the channelings, the writings, the books I am being drawn to read to understand the VIBRATION OF THIS LESSON before I begin LEARNING IT from my own personal and powerful experiences. My realising, how many energies have Co-Inspired my spiritual growth, my new relationships that are spiritually guided. The many creations here, who keep me connected and receiving new lessons.

I would like to invite you too, if it is YOUR desire to join with me on this fabulous journey… if it is your INTENT to harness this energy… KNOW that I will be blessed to share with you, the essence of WHERE TO START… and I would love to be a part of your experience too in anyway I can… For, I know, that in some very special way, the reason why you are reading this is the INNER DESIRE to INVITE this experience into your own personal reality. The heavens call ALL OF US… which  is why, Heaven shares this information through us for us to… BUT ASK… that HEAVEN may communicate with us…

God Loves YOU… Truly Madly Deeply… and so do I!!

P.S.: The lyrics of the song are so beautiful… you may want to harness a brand new way to feel about HOW GOD FEELS about you too!!! I just did… and it feels like a spectacular… loving how each word, resonates with HIGH VIBRATION!! Much Love and Light… Mystiic!


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