Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

The first image that came to my mind… FIREWORKS!!! The celebration of being free to BE!!! Moving from the past into the moment… appreciating taking a LEAP IN FAITH… Movment is proof, that you are in ACTION Winking smile 

Here’s my first toast to celebrating MOVEMENT!!


I look at you in awe… the creative flow of energy!


Even though, I may stand still your energy movement… cause a thrill for the eyes!!


Even a single thought sent into the  universe… lights up into the manifested beauty we call VISION.


You will always manifest… visualise… in accordance to your perspective!


Celebrating the MOVEMENT called LIFE!!

Your Perspective… Your MOVEMENT Winking smile 

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

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    • Thank you so much!!! Now, that you have made an intention … You’ll sure see fireworks like these LIVE… remember me when you do 😀

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