Celebrating 200 posts: MystiicALLyours!!

Drumroll!!! www.mystiic.wordpress.com is 200 post old with this post!!! Smile Thank you Thank you Thank you… to each of you who made it possible!!

Sometimes, we simply walk the walk… and the destination finds us!! 200 is a good time to begin to tell a new story and tell you how important the journey has been so far!!

I found so much on this journey to 200 which I must share with you… as a gift of Gratitude, to each of you who stops by and comments, likes, follows this blog Smile 

1) The DailyPost has been a catalyst of making a whole new bunch of friends… I think every new blogger should try the PHOTO CHALLENGE… it is a fantastic place to express and grow a brand new love for PHOTOGRAPHY!!

2) I met the Photographer I never imagined I could be with the challenge. More importantly I made a new friend at www.wheresmybackpack.com Ailsa!! What fantastic photography… yet, such an inspiration to an amateur like me. Thank you so much for making my journey so exciting!!

3) I learnt to accept a lot of content for the JOY of accepting the people who wrote it!!! I realise, it’s a pressure point to write, yet, I found the excitement of sending out so much love and light into the virtual sphere… Asking for the foundation value of learning to love the content without judging the writer. While some people look at the “sad” part of their lives with so much importance, they do not understand or realise, that by focusing on the “sad” they aren’t as much releasing… but realising MORE of the same pattern. I have found that there were times, I felt like going down the same “sad” lane…for the human want for more followers/comments etc… Yet, I found the TRUTH… that these people were being brought into my awareness with a greater purpose… to send them… loving images of themselves.

4) I learnt, that I can also find a positive way to release OLD IDEAS and fill them in with some pretty exciting revealing through writing. So, in my journey as Mystiic, I acknowledged the way I felt and while writing made it right for myself and shared it with the world! I realise, there are many ways to find peace… the fondest and the purest is to FIND why GOD chose to create the emotion… instead of ALLOWING the EMOTION to DEFINE GOD!!

5) I understood, that communicating with the angels is a personal experience, they tell you exactly what they want you to share!! They give you a personal message filled with so much love… that when read… the reader becomes the subject. More importantly, it is amazing, how so many of us are on the same path… the message triggers the COMMUNION of many souls!! Its like writing a DISCOVER YOURSELF IN ALL YOU READ POST!!

6) I learnt, that all ANGEL communication, isn’t really from the realm. The angels speak to assist us in understanding, that GOD CREATED ALL… therefore, nothing is wrong with the world. We’re all really living the reality we’ve borrowed from the media projections and the projections of economics and fear!! In the world that the angels speak of and see… We’re all set CHALLENGES to ASSIST us in remembering, we’re too precious to GOD and yet, he is firm, that NO MATTER WHAT… we will always always only manifest in accordance to our awareness!! So, we ought to begin to be aware of the thoughts we think for ourselves and radiate out into the world.

7) ALLOWING and ACCEPTING has been my new lesson. It has taken a lot of work (behind the scenes) to ALLOW and ACCEPT that no matter how OBLIVIOUS I may pretend to BE … I KNOW and FEEL the change in energy within myself and around myself. There will always be someone to pray for, to thank for. Even if I don’t know them… I have learnt to ALLOW and ACCEPT them into my virtual life… and love them.

8) I learnt, that Gratitude has the power to change lives, it has changed mine. On this journey I found the truth, that a NAME doesn’t make a real difference. The ENERGY VIBRATION of who I am finds greater joy in expressing itself. My EGO is jealous no more of MYSTIIC!! Not wanting, anymore to CLAIM the RIGHTS of the fabulous content… if I may say so… energised by the Gratitude for the VIBRATION of WHO I AM… not the VALIDATION of WHO I AM in this world.

9) I have begun a deeper more important relationship with ALLOWING and ACCEPTING myself first… in ACCEPTING myself, I found the powerful truth… that it is so much easier to ACCEPT everyone else, just as they are!! For, each of us is a reflection really… of either where we are at… or where we’d like to be!

10) I learnt a new way of making HOT& SOUR soup too!!! Courtesy Stephen Kelly at Stephen Kelly Creative (you ought to check out the recipe and the photography too!!)

11) I learnt, that I will always be inspired by the unusual… I find a sentence in a whole text that is definitive for me. It fills me with so much joy… that I often, don’t read it all… I keep re-reading just that Winking smile 

12) I learnt, that writing 200 posts is worth every minute of my energy… only and only because, I have YOU, reading it!!

13) I learnt the truth, that GOD does speak to us in a million ways… through ANGELS on EARTH and ANGELS in HEAVEN… I found some totally uplifting friends right here… Thank you Sammie L. Carter http://sam373.wordpress.com/ for your inspiring words and fantastic content… you keep me coming back for more!!

14) I learnt that having 94 followers… is a BIG responsibility!! I love it!!! Each one who follows also inspires me hugely to stay writing, stay sharing and stay receiving!!

15) I learnt that my favourite… personal favourite post… while reaching 200 definitely has to be C.O.N.F.I.D.E.N.C.E… leading to 100 it was Reverse Gratitude! In a REFLECTIVE way… Reverse Gratitude has created a whole new meaning of Confidence!!

16) MystiicALLyours has definitely shaped into a whole new sentence with a whole new meaning… What does your cloud say about you?? Have you every tried taking a picture… Smile


Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS!! It’s the glimpse of how much the change of writing style and focus has been over the last 100 posts!! It is a good feeling!!! So much to be grateful for!!!

17) My deepest Gratitude for the continued assistance and spiritual growth… I met Archangel Uriel on my way to 200 posts!! An amazing encounter!! I learned, that sharing Doreen Virtue’s Messages, filled my own and other bloggers lives and work with a new inspiration. I also found some very beautiful messages right here… in this space… have been moved to Reblog!! Thank you Archangels for your continued support in my vibrational work!!

18) Thank you GOD!! For the wonderful gift of Mystiic!! The work you channel through this energy…. is a gift I claim and own!! I love the Verses you move me to share and the lives you move me to work with. I learnt, that as I worked with the many energies present… I refined my own personal connection with you!! I love how you work with me and through me!! Keep radiating… I say YES to YOUR WILL!!

19) I started, my HEALTHIER LIFE… right here, sharing my BEGINNING… now, a manifested truth of my being!! Love the energy you give to me!! A special mention of my Friend Sanora at www.sanora1.wordpress.com, more often than not, my visits there, give me a brand new perspective on the NOW of my experiences!! Learning to love learning!! Thank you Sanora… you ought to know how special you are… your content awakens my soul!!

I am keeping a promise I made https://mystiic.wordpress.com/2012/05/13/100th-post-my-only-online-gratitude-challenge-i-promise/ keeping this one short and simple Winking smile 

Thank you.. I cannot say it enough… but I do KNOW that if you’ve read the post, you’ll feel it too!!! I am truly grateful and humbled with all the love I receive right here… thank you for accepting me and assisting me in growing as a writer and as Mystiic!!

Much Love and Light!!



6 thoughts on “Celebrating 200 posts: MystiicALLyours!!

  1. Congratulations mystic; You rock! 200 posts! It makes me tired just hearing about that much work. I’m glad some people in the world are dedicated. Your making a positive impact on me, and I imagine everyone else as well. People like fun, a positive environment and love. They get it all right here, and I’m happy to have made your aquaintance. Stay connected.

    • I am blessed to have met you too!! The vibrational connect so beautiful!!
      Thank you for the warmth and affection YOU so generously send my way!!
      YOU are a gift, I always thank for!! (((hugs)))

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