Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moments

Fleeting Moment2

Had to do this one on my walk!!! One slow coach can still the pace Winking smile

Fleeting Moment3

I am not sure what we were planning to click… then again… in a fleeting moment… the view chooses the click… the click may not choose the view Smile India Gate actually looks replendent in this picture Open-mouthed smile

Fleeting Moment4Fleeting Moment5

Took these fleeting moments from my balcony… the street below!!

Fleeting Moment6

Looks like he didn’t know he was posing… still his expressions are perfect for the elbow shot… ha ha ha

Fleeting Moment7

Smile Interpretations are upto the FLEETING THOUGHTS of the viewer!!! Open-mouthed smile

Some pictures just say it all… and you only recognise them when you are trying to clean your comp… for more space to STORE Winking smile

Fleeting Moment8

Green Eyes… at a Fishy Restaurant!!! Too cute!!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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