Angel Affirmations: Doreen Virtue

We are all being fast-tracked to have completely open hearts and be comfortable with our spiritual power. The intensity that you feel is shared by everyone! They’ve compressed the process that would normally take years, into days and months.
You may experience stomach issues and changes in your diet and appetite as they open your solar plexus so that you can OWN the power you were born with. Power isn’t aggression. It’s true confidence that comes from knowing you are a divinely perfect creation of God.
You may exoerience heart issues as they open your heart, which is the portal gateway for divine healing light and love to shower our beautiful planet and all of her inhabitants.
You may experience head issues as they open your crown, third eye, and brow chakras so that you are clearly connected to Divine guidance and “the emergency broadcast system” which guides you to help others as needed.
You may experience throat issues as your throat chakra is awakened so that you’ll tell the truth (with love, not anger).
All of these issues, including tiredness and irritability are part of the energy-detox and energy-opening work that is necessary to bring in enough Divine Love and Light to counterbalance the old ego energy of selfishness, lack-mentality, greed, and competitiveness.
Keep yourself and your home detoxed from harsh energies and chemicals. Drink lots of water. Get outside in nature as much as possible. Write down your insights, feelings, and thoughts. And most of all, pray and talk to God all throughout the day and night. Pour out your heart to your Creator Source, and feel the Divine Love hold and support you and the Infinite Divine Wisdom guide your thoughts and actions.
With Love,


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