Angel Affirmations: Doreen Virtue’s Message

It is amazing how this year is filled with communication… open your hearts today to ALLOW & ACCEPT this GRACE of KNOWING!!! Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS!! : Mystiic


Archangel Michael called 2012 “The Year of the Indigo.” I thought this meant that the indigos would rise up in protest regarding wars and economic corruption. What I now realize (halfway through the year) is that he meant that in this new energy of 2012, we are all adopting the “Indigo Energy” of truth-telling and instantly recognizing dishonesty.
This new energy compels us all to be completely honest and stop the habit of telling “white lies” or sugar-coating the truth. Those old practices are a form of manipulation, to try to get people to react to you in certain ways and/or avoid their anger or disapproval.
The angels say: “Tell the truth always, and let the chips fall where they will.” In other words, don’t try to control the outcome. Let go and trust that the truth will set everyone free.”
Of course, the angels guide us to speak the truth in loving and respectful ways. There’s no need to mow anyone down with aggressiveness during truth-telling. Plus, the anger energy shuts down the other person’s ability to really hear what is being said.
With this energy, relationships are changing and will continue to change. You’ll have relationships fall away that were built upon white lies or upon stuffing true feelings. New relationships built upon integrity and truth will come to you.
TRUST the process. TRUST this new energy and new ways of living. It’s healthful and it’s necessary.
Love, Doreen


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