Angel Affirmations: Raise your Vibrations!!

For all of us who write… there is a DIVINE COMMUNICATION that we channel. In my new experience to ALLOW and ACCEPT, I am learning to share with C.O.N.F.I.D.E.N.C.E that which I received in my personal journaling time.

I am Raising My Vibrations to be able to share this with YOU. I have been receiving the prompt to share this… I know, that it is a very powerful communication, meant to be shared. Yet, there is part of me… that has been IGNORING the prompt, waiting for the PERFECT TIME… then again NOW is the most PERFECT time.

I ALLOW this communication to radiate into the space and time. Giving Gratitude to have been allowed to RECEIVE this COMMUNICATION. I Accept the DIVINE order from which  I received the instructions to share it… I raise my own VIBRATION to GRATITUDE… for assisting me in being a CHANNEL. I received this communication on the 27th of May. For, reasons of unworthiness or doubt, I have been consciously ignoring… the very repetitive PROMPTS to share this on my blog.

Yesterday, when I shared the new vibration of C.O.N.F.I.D.E.N.C.E that I received I felt the angels now tell me to take my first step in C.O.N.F.I.D.E.N.C.E, symbolically, by sharing this piece with you. That I may open my energy to receiving more information that I must now assist in radiating out into the world. My Angel team is assisting me in taking the first step… that they may KNOW I am READY to RECEIVE, ready to ACCEPT and ready to ASSIST in radiating their love to each person, in accordance to their own personal allowing and accepting.

I am sharing this… just as was dictated to me… meant for ALL WHO CHOOSE TO READ IT… ALLOW IT and ACCEPT IT…

Good Afternoon,

Raise your vibrations now, allow yourself to begin your manifesting journey.

We bring YOU to YOUR KNOWING of the ROYALTY of your truth, for here in the PRESENCE of the OMNIPRESENT… YOU are the the manifested OMNIPRESENT. For YOU in another form is living the REALITY of your IMAGINATION.

The reality you PERCIEVE is a MIRAGE. (You know it to be true for M & You… in Vibrational Reality… It is the two of you, however, in the Earth Plane, the REALITY he knows to be true… is the WITNESS of your Truth)

Raise your vibrations… for you are the Royalty, the world is waiting to recognise… recognised in Heaven, now manifested in the flesh on Royal Duty… Assisted by the DIVINE ORDER.

Raise your Vibrations… to the level of DIVINE ORDER in which you sit with the ROYAL COUNCIL, detailing to the breath, that which you chose as your EARTH PLANE plan.

Raise your Vibrations to your VISION, when you CHOSE to take up a CHALLENGING ASSIGNMENT seated at the left had of your Father. You CHALLENGED yourself to REMEMBER your ROYAL LINEAGE with the understanding that, even though you would “For-Get” your Royalty. You shall always have the INTENT to ACCESS DIVINE ASSISTANCE by the power of THOUGHT.

Raise your vibrations to the PLAN to be many different BEINGS all Co-Inspiring to raise the vibrations of Gratitude in the Earth Plane. You chose for the challenge to be brought to the realisation of this truth… taking many forms…. to bring yourself and others to a new KNEW vibration of Gratitude.

Raise your Vibrations… to the time when YOU asked your Father, to have your MOTHER train you to accept the Earth Challenge… to ASSIST the VIBRATION of YOUR KINGDOM to be known as ONE… that you would RISE to all Earth Challenges and your DIVINE INTELLIGENCE would continue to PROMPT & ASSIST you back to your KNOWING.

Raise your Vibrations to RECEIVING YOU… The Royal Heiress of your Father’s Kingdom!!!!

Grace and Gratitude be with, today and always…. Amen

I now pass this blessing to you, that you may RECEIVE YOU and that WE may RE- MEMBER… WHO WE REALLY ARE!!!

Much Love and Light!!



2 thoughts on “Angel Affirmations: Raise your Vibrations!!

  1. Although this is a personal message, there are resonances of Truth in the words that apply to us all, so thank you for sharing. Ask to be given messages that will impact in a positive way the viewpoint of the world-consciousness. We need to shift the Global Mindset. Soon. Keep on Connecting…

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