Angel Affirmations: Doreen Virtue’s Message

You have God-given spiritual gifts, just like everyone does. TRUST your intuition when it speaks to you. TRUST your natural ability to heal anything and everything.
If you’re unsure about trusting your intuition, ask God and the angels to give you clear signs to validate your inner guidance. Soon, you’ll learn to trust your intuition even more!
Practice your spiritual gifts daily, to build confidence in your innate abilities to know and to heal. Just like any skill set, they grow stronger with practice.
You are made in the image and likeness of God, which means that you are a reflection of all the divine characteristics, including knowledge, wisdom, creativity, health, abundance, peace, and love.
Your spiritual gifts help and inspire everyone. So please continue to explore and grow comfortable with your gifts, for the benefit of all.
In the coming times, you’ll rely upon your spiritual gifts increasingly more. Now is the perfect moment to hone these natural talents. Thank you for doing so.
Love, Doreen


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