Angel Affirmations: Doreen Virtue’s Message

The angels are working tirelessly to ensure that peace reigns upon our beautiful planet, by shining bright light through your heart to touch and open the hearts of everyone with whom you come into contact.

Honor your body’s signals to rest and eat healthful foods and beverages, as you experience this heaven-sent healing light. The bright divine light is creating a spontaneous massive detox within everyone’s physical bodies, enabling our DNA and light bodies to handle the additional energy.

Now is the time to let go of all stimulants, sedatives, and other drugs and chemicals and allow your body to sync with its natural rhythms. Being in sync with nature’s rhythms is the secret to developing “good timing,” which is a key to worldly success.

So if you need to take a nap, allow yourself the time to do so guiltfree. It’s part of your purpose to honor your body’s signals. Keep a journal and pen nearby, as you’ll likely receive divine guidance and messages while you’re napping. Please share these dreamtime messages with us, as we’re all pooling our resources for the betterment of everyone.

Love, Doreen


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