Angel Affirmations: Doreen Virtue’s Message

Hot, cold, hot, cold. Temperature fluctuations are signs of the angels’ presence and their energy work. Your body feels their healing energies as heat (especially the presence of Archangel Michael). As they work upon connecting and opening your energy centers and DNA so that you can bring more light and love through you, you feel cold deep within you.
The physical symptoms of tiredness, heart palpitations, pressures in your body, and temperature fluctuations are part of the massive detox and energy opening work that the Divine beings are conducting worldwide presently. They say that this is a temporary measure which is necessary to bring in more love to balance fear-based energy.
You can help the process by letting go and letting God, and releasing resistence to this process. There’s nothing to fear, as this is a healthy upgrade of your energy to bring you fully upon the path of your divine mission. Let yourself take naps, and keep a pad of paper and pen nearby, as they’re giving you messages while you sleep. Record those messages and share them with all of us please.
Drink lots of water to flush out your system of toxins, and call upon the angels to shift your cravings to healthful foods and beverages while you stay chemical-free.
Keep your environment as gentle as possible, avoiding harsh situations, and staying connected to God through prayer, meditation, yoga, and time in nature or with your pets.
Love, Doreen


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