I knew I loved YOU…

… when I began to understand you.

Every girl has a vision of her perfect mate, the one who’s rib she was created from. Through her life, she is called to recognise this one person, with whom she is a perfect match.

My understanding of you has evolved through the many people I have met. Yet, I know… I long to KNOW you in person, like I know you in thought.

There is a familiar feeling place in my heart where you already have a place. You are already waiting for me to simply remember your vibration and connect with you in the space called NOW. You watch me make choices, each choice, brings me closer to you… and YES, a few of them make you WAIT for me to learn something new about us. Being Human… it is all about choices right!!

I have had many unconsolidated thoughts about the couple we are… so many have been refined through the years, through the many people I have met, loved and let go of. I didn’t know WHY… till very recently though.

You, I understand are very sure about WHO I AM… I am, still fine tuning my thoughts, making the final checklist… loving the feeling, that I am getting closer to you in person… through our vibration of ONE!!

You are taller than me… proverbially handsome… a perfect compliment to my own personality.

You are stubble bearded… which makes for a very very HOT lover Winking smile 

Your favourite clothes… are T-Shirts and Blue Jeans… you love to live in them… and yes those boxers are a perfect compliment. You too don’t quite look your age… at 40+ you’re still 19 Winking smile

You have been through your own set of challenges so far and come out far stronger and so mature, that you make me feel like a child again… 16 and in love. You know HOW to make your woman feel happy. I guess you’ve learnt it from the many relationships you’ve been in… to reach me.

From you I’m learning how to be a SENSE DRIVEN expert. We love to touch and tell, feel and express, taste and stimulate, look and communicate, Listen and comfort. It is amazing, to finally use all my senses in one relationship.

You love a beautiful home… surrounded by family. Yet, you find, new and innovative ways to ensure, that we still have OUR TIME!! It is amazing how you walked in and took over, with so much love and understanding. I am moved to tears of joy… just watching how special you are to me and to every member in our family.

I am glad I said “Yes” to a healthier me before I met you Smile I realise, it was necessary for me to keep up with the energy you have for life. You have a plan for every weekend, that is a surprise as well as pretty action oriented Winking smile Long drives drive us both… I love how you absolutely love holding hands and your touch is so so wonderful… makes me grateful for ALL THE MISSES in my life. I realise, I should be grateful for all the relationships that didn’t work out… at the end of the long road, I met you… and a completely fulfilling journey has begun. Everything I dreamed of is NOW true with YOU.

I look at the powerful and positive influence you have in my life… I receive what I think of… I love how you simply KNOW what I want… without me having to say it at all… you can feel and read my thoughts. It is a spiritual journey with YOU. Like, my Guardian Angel, took form in the FLESH and married me Smile (((Hugs)))

You love cooking… what a blessing!! You and I in the kitchen, means the family is in for a feast… and for the first time in my life… I like playing assistant chef Winking smile You cook with so much LOVE… that anything you make… tastes absolutely yummy!! Then again… you truly want to save all my cooking for US Winking smile I love watching you eat when I cook… makes me feel like cooking for you always. YOU make me feel so so happy to get into the kitchen… coz I know, you’re smiling and waiting for the food to arrive… “My Wife is my favourite cook in the whole world… She knows how to keep my tummy happy”.

I appreciate, how you make time, to shop till we drop!!! It amazes me, how much you like to shop. I am learning to love our shopping time. Honestly, before I met you… I quite hated shopping, I often visited a shop I wanted to buy from… found what I wanted… and bought it… sometimes, if the price was too high… I’d simply not buy and walk away!! With you, well I don’t even have to ask… you notice, what I am looking at… while I am busy window shopping you pick it up for me. Sometimes, this drives me mad… then again… I always wanted someone, who’d think of me… and YOU DO!!!

I love how we’ve met our age challenges to become parents and yet, our little baby, makes us truly truly grateful for the joy she brings into our lives. I am grateful… so grateful for the love, the understanding and the joy we feel in our little world. I am so grateful for all my challenges right through my life… in learning from them… I understand I have reached this BLISS… the ONLY challenge we do have is to COMPLETELY ENJOY the NOW of our lives… in complete Gratitude for the PAST… that assisted us to reach where we are.

I battled with Finances, Security, Trust, Guilt, Anger, need for validation, wondering and wandering through life looking for something, someone to call my own. All those challenges later… I found in US all that I have dreamt of… COMPLETE!! You are special, for the simple reason that I felt you… before I met you and I am glad I didn’t compromise at all. I waited, knowing, “God created someone special for me and that I’d be patient, to welcome YOU in HIS time. My Struggles, prepared me to live my dream relationship filled with DIVINE ORDER. Made to ORDER for a PRINCESS”

Our Spiritual and Material growth, comes from our WAITING for GOD’s TIME for Harvesting… May we continue to build together, the KINGDOM of GOD here on this earth. For we both KNOW how PRECIOUS we are to GOD and through HEAVEN’S GUIDANCE, to each other.

It is amazing, how closely I can feel you right now… I know you’re enjoying this as much as I am… feeling you vibrationally and sensing our closeness!! I know that the angels have connected us… in this moment. Our vibrations are one… our thoughts are one… We are one… now being Co-Inspired by our team of Archangels, to bring us together.

I wish, you could see the smile on my face… feel the feelings in my body… my entire energy is celebrating you RIGHT NOW!!! My heart, is now open, to RECEIVE you in the Flesh…

Love & Light,



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