Moody Mystiic: Receive & Release

It’s amazing how you can create a special moment to cherish and celebrate yourself with this simple technique!!

We all find it difficult to focus on our breath for too long… breathe in and breathe out… well can be a pretty boring exercise to focus on…

What if… we could create a new way of celebrating breathing… 2 simple words… Receive & Release… can be the magic you need to focus again!! We all know and understand that our  day is filled with “hills & valleys” of emotions, that cause our mood swings and reactions Winking smile 

I chanced upon the beauty of this ritual when I began my “walking life”… on day 1 I was only able to walk 2.67kms… too out of breath to walk any further. So, I asked my angels for assistance… here is what I received, now I walk 5kms each morning in 60 minutes… Adopt this miracle make it yours… Much Love and Light: Mystiic

When you walk, you need to bring your focus to your breathing, you need to breathe energy into yourself, to be able to walk longer. We are always there to assist you… you know that. Here is a beautiful way to continue to RECEIVE our ASSISTANCE and RELEASE the physical tiredness. This process, will also assist you in staying aligned at many levels of your energy.

When you breathe in … mentally say “RECEIVE”:  You will begin to RECEIVE energy affirmations, angel assistance and the enthusiasm. It will also, work, Affirmatively on your ability to begin to RECEIVE more generously of the abundance of Creator energy. The ripple effects of RECEIVE will also reflect right through the day in other areas of your life. Allow yourself to begin the day… RECEIVING this ENERGY to sustain you right through the day.

When you exhale… mentally say “RELEASE”: Your intent of release, the tiredness, the doubt, the exhaustion, pressure, pain, anxiety, frustration, temptation and all other sources that keep you from living in complete alignment with your divine plan.

This exercise, is as good as meditation for it comes with action. You will begin to feel a sense of CONFIDENT PURPOSE as you RAISE your VIBRATION to ALLOW & ACCEPT Angelic Divine Energy to GUIDE you.

Always remember, you can also, simply invoke us and ask for the ASSISTANCE you NEED. However, Receive and Release with Gratitude also assists in AFFIRMING a whole new ENERGY LEVEL for you RIGHT through your day!!!

Gratitude and Grace be with you… Amen


One thought on “Moody Mystiic: Receive & Release

  1. Reblogged this on Mystiic and commented:
    A new techique, I am working on… that has helped me to accelerate my walking time… from 2.67 km/hr to 5 km/hr in just 15 days! Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS!!

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